Just launched: "Linking Europe" shows continental linkages of industrialization

The first sets of ERIH sites are interlinked: on-site displays in the new Linking Europe design illustrate by means of concrete examples how industrialization transcends national borders. The same site pairs are featured in the recently launched virtual exhibition "Linking Europe" on the ERIH website.

Currently, six examples illustrate the pan-European ties of industrialization. An early case of industrial espionage, for instance, links the two ERIH sites Cromford and Ratingen. Tower-like Cornish engine houses, in turn, are scattered all over the Spanish mining region of Linares, while underground canals are a shared feature of the historic coal fields of Upper Silesia and England. Not least, there are parallels with regard to the capacities of Scottish and German winding engines as well as concerning the development of the steel production hubs Hattingen and Altos Hornos in Puerto de Sagunto near Valencia.

Virtual Exhibition

However, these examples are just the beginning - the "Linking Europe" project is set to grow continuously. This requires as many ERIH sites as possible to participate, for instance by correlating a machine, a structure or a specific feature of local industrial history with another ERIH site.

For visitors, this translates into real added value, since it is only through the wider context that they gain an idea of the extent to which certain phenomena of industrial development have shaped life in Europe - often across thousands of kilometres. "Linking Europe" allows this to become immediately tangible for the first time.

ERIH strongly encourages its members to take advantage of Linking Europe's potential. A detailed description of the available options and how to approach them is provided following

"Linking Europe" - how to participate

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