ERIH Italy: The Importance of Corporate Archives for Industrial Tourism

How can we open the archives of industry to the public? That was the main subject of the third ERIH Italy meeting last June at the Bergamo based Fondazione Dalmine, recognising that the corporate archives at ERIH locations in Italy in particular boast substantial historic resources, which have so far hardly been used for tourism purposes.

There are many stories hidden in the archives. They recount groundbreaking innovations and scientific inventions, technology transfer and industrial espionage, they shed light on the role of capital and entrepreneurs, trace the development of workplaces and the employees' everyday life, while documenting the changing roles of men and women. These are cross-cutting issues that have had a major impact on society in all European countries.

The ERIH-Italy meeting was designed as a two-day seminar and allowed an intensive exchange of experience. Two fundamental objectives were at the heart of the discussions:

  • How can archives help to increase the number of visitors to industrial monuments?
  • What possibilities do archives offer to raise awareness of the pan-European dimension of industrial heritage among visitors and the general public and to make visible the links between Italian and other European sites?

A comprehensive newsletter provides deep insights into questions, discussions and main results of the meeting.

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