8 to 11 August: Blue Sunday North Hesse 2019

Industrialization changed the image of Northern Hesse from an early stage and continues to determine it today. Major players such as Henschel & Sohn, Salzmann & Comp., Kali + Salz, Volkswagen and SMA had and have their headquarters here. The Network Industrial Heritage North Hesse (nino) links small and large sites and showcases the region's industrial legacy every year as an important component of regional identity on the so-called BLUE SUNDAY event, this time scheduled from 8 to 11 August.

As always, the programme covers a wide variety of activities. A guided tour of FINE Mobile Ltd.'s factory in Rosenthal, for example, provides an insight into the workflow of the TWIKE 3 light electric vehicle, the fifth model of which is due to be launched shortly. The special exhibition "100 Years of Edersee", organized by the Hemfurth-Edersee Association, takes visitors back in time to the history of what used to be Europe's largest reservoir.

A walk to factory and railway facilities, bunkers and other places from Kassel's industrial past and present combines industrial heritage and idyllic scenery. The everyday mining life of medieval mining is illustrated by a detour to Hessen's oldest mine: the Bertsch copper ore mine, which opened in 1552 and ceased operations as early as 1590 owing to the exhaustion of ore reserves. The visitor mine also includes an exciting educational trail on cultural history and ecology.

The industrial and technical history of the region is also the subject of the ERIH Regional Route of Industrial Heritage North Hesse.


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