ERIH is 'Cultural Route of the Council of Europe'

The die is cast: ERIH has been officially declared a 'Cultural Route of the Council of Europe'. The pan-European network reflects the common history and cultural identity of the continent and invites visitors to rediscover Europe's rich and diverse heritage through a variety of theme-based tours.

Among the now 38 European Cultural Routes, the aspect of industrial culture has scarcely played a role so far. Only the "Pyrenean Iron Route", which has been certified since 2003, is dedicated to the industrial past while being strongly limited both thematically and geographically. ERIH thus fills a considerable gap and, with its more than 1,800 sites covering every single European country, represents a significant expansion of the network.

The certification 'Cultural Route of the Council of Europe' is a guarantee of excellence. Its members cooperate in areas such as research and development and organize cultural and educational exchanges for young Europeans. ERIH was certified as one of twelve candidates who applied for admission this year. The number of applicants reflects the importance of the European Cultural Route label.

The 'Cultural Route of the Council of Europe' logo is already implemented on the ERIH website. The official membership certificate will be awarded during the Annual Advisory Forum, which will take place from 2 to 4 October in Sibiu, Romania.


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