Successful ERIH Germany meeting at Rammelsberg World Heritage Site

In mid-May, 30 participants gathered in Goslar at the ERIH Anchor Point Rammelsberg World Heritage Site for the ERIH Germany annual meeting 2019. The former ore mine is almost as it used to be, thanks to its conversion into a museum right after its shutdown in 1988. The site has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992.

Rammelsberg CEO and director of foundation, Gerhard Lenz, welcomed the participants with a presentation of current projects focusing on the Harz Mountains World Heritage complex, which includes the Rammelsberg mine, the historical center of Goslar and the water management system of the Upper Harz region. He was followed by Andreas Gosch from the Board of Trustees of the 4th Saxon State Exhibition explaining the concept of the exhibition "BOOM. 500 Years of Industrial Heritage in Saxony". Udo Delinger from Tourismus Marketing Sachsen GmbH (TMGS) invited the participants to hold the ERIH Germany meeting 2020 at Zwickau in the August Horch Museum. He also offered to make the TMGS truck used to promote the state exhibition available to interested parties.

Following a short introduction about current projects in the ERIH network, the participants exchanged news about their own projects and current plans at the respective ERIH locations. After that everybody enjoyed a short tour of the site including a glimpse of the underground galleries.

In the afternoon, ERIH Germany coordinator and board member Dr. Walter Hauser and board member Katharina Hornscheidt moderated two workshops on "Knowledge Transfer to Future Generations". Among other things, the participants were invited to express where they would like to receive support from the ERIH network. Will ERIH, for instance, be able to provide an online platform for pooling activities, and what about translation services or local coachings? ERIH will discuss these ideas with the board in order to commission a task force to pursue the issue and devise appropriate solutions.

A big thank you to the whole Rammelsberg team for their hospitality!

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