Survey for 'ERIH Industrial Heritage Barometer 2019' started

Again it covers questions on a range of topics relating to industrial heritage and is addressed at all ERIH member sites.

Its objectives are twofold: firstly, it will collect current data and views which will help us increase the visibility and profile of industrial heritage,  especially with politicians  and the media; secondly, it will provide us with information to help shape the future development of the ERIH network.

In 2018, ERIH in co-operastion with the Regionalverband Ruhr, for the first time conducted a survey on the state of industrial heritage in Europe (ERIH Industrial Heritage Barometer 2018  - for results see ERIH website, sector “projects”).

Please support us by providing us with your views from a site operator’s perspective. Sites, that are not a member of ERIH association, can participate at the survey, too. If interested, please contact us.

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