May 1st 2019: Let's dance - Pan-European Dance Event 'WORK it OUT'

At 3 pm sharp on May 1, 2019, thousands of mainly young dancers will again be transforming 40 industrial monuments in 12 European countries into a stage for the continental dance event 'WORK it OUT'. With this Europe-wide dance performance ERIH and their members celebrate a day of Industrial heritage.

Already in 2018 ERIH moved the continent with its dance event as main contribution to the European Year of Cultural Heritage for young European culture and dance fans and was shared and liked a lot:

Video of Work it Out 2018

The idea: On Labour Day, Europe will be dancing amidst industrial settings

The dancers will follow the rhythm of an electronic dance version of the European anthem Ode to Joy, which has been arranged by the 18-year-old musicians Paul Fanger and Paul Ostarek of 'Paul & Friends'. The choreography of Hai Truong from the dance studio Groove Dance Classes is based on the repetitive movements of former workers and it translates them into modern dance moves.

Teenager groups, dancing classes and clubs all over Europe are currently practicing the dance. With the performance of WORK it OUT on May 1, 2019, industrial culture will come to life in a completely new way – for the dancers as well as for the audience.

The dance event will be accompanied by additional attractions offered by many of the participating ERIH locations. The ERIH sites include former coal and silver mines, ironworks, brickworks, textile factories and breweries. They are spread all over Europe – from Norway, Sweden, the UK and Northern Ireland in the north, to Belgium, Germany, Poland and the
Czech Republic in central Europe, and to Spain and Italy in the south of the continent. And for the first time WORK it OUT also happens in Ukraine and Latvia.

WORK it OUT will transform these cultural heritage sites into places of shared experience by recreating the ancient spirit of technological progress through rhythm and imagination based on the speed and motion of historic machines.

Collaborative dance performance as an activity shared across Europe

You cannot personally attend the event? Be part of it via YouTube or Instagram following erih_workitout or watch the event on the ERIH website
In addition, all participants of WORK it OUT are invited to share their impressions via social media, using the hashtag #erihworkitout.
All posts are collected on our social wall

Of course, TV, radio and print will also be on site to report on the performance all across Europe.

Competition for the most popular videos

And also after the dance, fans can support „their site“. The three videos with the most Facebook likes will win the ERIH WORK it OUT Award and the dancers receive price money as a reward.

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