"Work it Out" – Dancing Europe: Will the 2nd edition grow even bigger?

3,000 young people, 32 industrial heritage sites, 10 European countries – that are the numbers delivered by the ERIH dance event WORK it OUT on May 1, 2018. Can we top that on Labour Day this year? Yes we can, with your help! Just convince your friends and register as a dance group. You still have time until February 19!

We already received the registration of 39 dance groups based at most diverse ERIH sites – from Ukraine to Spain, from Norway to Italy. Many have been part of the event last year, but there are at least as many new registrations. So the chances are good that the second edition of WORK it OUT will be even bigger and more colourful.

Everybody can participate, young and old: students, dance groups, sports clubs, groups of regulars, neighbourhood teams and many more. To register, simply fill out this online form. And don't let the deadline irritate you – the new one is February 19.

A video tutorial will help you with the rehearsal of the dance performance. The choreography is once again the work of Truong Hai Le of the Groove Dance Classes in Frankfurt, and the music was arranged by the same two musicians as last year, Paul & Friends. As a bonus the dance kit will come along with a "Worker's Cap" in the colours and with the logo of the event.

And don’t be afraid of complicated dance steps – the choreography is again easy to learn. Spontaneous participants who are assisted by a trainer can even start their rehearsal one to two hours before the dance event itself. After all, the performance doesn't have to be perfect – the main thing is that everybody has fun!

At 3 pm sharp on 1 May 2019, dozens of dance groups will jointly start their WORK it OUT at ERIH sites all over Europe. Photos and videos will spread the dance event with its spectacular industrial settings on social media. There are even awards to win – for the three sites that collect the most clicks on their social accounts. And, of course, there will be a video clip catching the complete event – to remind us how creative our common European industrial heritage can be. Let's dance again!



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