17 - 20 September 2018: ERIH pilot programme “Twinning Of Sites” has started

The Museum of the History of Katowice (Muzeum Historii Katowic) and Association Fabryka Inicjatyw Lokalnych participated in the ERIH pilot programme “Twinning Of Sites” which is funded by the "Creative Europe" Programme.

The project aims to support bilateral cooperations of thematically related post-industrial sites, thus fostering the exchange of knowledge and experience. As a result, museum staff from Poland visited Port Sunlight, a 19th century workers' settlement at the former Sunlight soap factory near Liverpool, that twins Katowice's Nikiszowiec quarter. They were greeted by representatives of the Port Sunlight Village Trust. During the visit, they managed to visit, among other things, the Museum Of Port Sunlight, the former factory building, Unilever archive, Lady Lever Gallery and River Park. Representatives of both facilities talked a lot about their common problems and challenges, as well as the differences between both settlements. There were also meetings with residents, local guides, companies and organizations with which the Sunlight Village Trust cooperates.

In November, The Port Sunlight Village Trust will send employees on a return trip to Nikiszowiec.

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