ERIH Poland Meeting 2018: Focus on Social Media

This year’s annual meeting of the Polish ERIH chapter, hosted by the ERIH Anchor Point Żywiec Brewery Museum, was all about Social Media. Instructed by an external consultant, the delegates from various ERIH sites approached a broad range of communication activities on Facebook and Instagram in order to develop a long-term strategy which takes account of the user’s interests and behaviour.

The workshop pursued three main objectives:

  • to get to know the operating principles of Facebook and Instagram to make the best possible use of it;
  • to understand the customer journey in order to establish a funnel that leads users directly to certain Social Media Sites;
  • to get to know how to increase interaction and engagement rates of the involved stakeholders.

The programme covered a whole day and included general insights into the idea of Social Media and its impact on businesses and organizations as well as an analysis of the Polish Route of Industrial Heritage’s Facebook fanpage and the definition of target groups and customized content. Particular attention was paid to communication patterns on Instagram and the basic principles of advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

The day closed with a guided tour of the Żywiec Brewery Museum. The next morning, Dr Adam Hajduga, Vice President of ERIH, explained the latest ERIH activities and the network’s upcoming agenda, in particular focusing on the implementation of the “Twinning Sites” project.

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