10.-23.09.18: Days of Industrial Heritage Chemnitz and Zwickau

This September, Chemnitz celebrates its ninth industrial heritage festival. For the second year in a row the neighbouring districts of Zwickau and Erzgebirge will also be taking part. Furthermore it’s a first for the programme to extend over two weeks, including events for closed groups. As always, the highlight will be the ‚morning shift‘ and ‚evening shift‘ on 21 September and the RAW Festival of Industrial Heritage from 21 to 23 September.

Chemnitz is one of the outstanding centres of industrial heritage in Germany. Some of the country’s first factories were built here, among them the spinning mill established by Carl Friedrich Bernhard in 1798. The repair shops of the various textile factories fueled a flourishing mechanical engineering industry that produced steam engines and locomotives, among other things. Mechanical weaving mills, chemical plants and many other branches added to the economic structure of the region.

Today the large number of industrial monuments is hardly found at any other place in Germany. But for Chemnitz the Days of Industrial Heritage are an opportunity to look forward as well. For the first time the city opens the historic Hartmann Factory for a period of two weeks. The plant used to belong to the Sächsische Maschinenfabrik (Saxonian Engineering Works) and goes back to the Richard Hartmann locomotive plant. From 10 to 21 September, the complex will house symposia and conferences focusing on ‚Industry 4.0‘ and the ongoing transformation of industries wordwide.

On 21 September, the ‚morning shift‘ and ‚evening shift‘ targets industrial heritage fans of all ages. Available are guided tours adapted for children and exploring businesses and technology museums, as well as exciting insights into the ongoing production of innovative and successful companies from the region. The central event, the RAW Festival of Industrial Heritage, is hosted by the Schönherr.fabrik and attracts the whole family with a full day’s interactive programme dealing with textiles. Further highlights are a virtual trip back in time to the industrial history of Chemnitz, featured at the ‚Creative Block K40‘, and various party events in the evening.


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