Industrial Heritage Festival in Leoben includes ERIH exhibition "Change with an impact"

Making the concept of industrial heritage come alive is the main objective of the Industrial Heritage Festival at the Styrian Irion Trail, Leoben region, Austria. The inauguration event ‚Hüttenzauber‘ on September 1 is linked with the opening of the ERIH exhibition ‚Change with an Impact‘. Both the festival and the exhibition will last until October 5.

Leoben, centre of Upper Styrian industry, has a long industrial history. Today, voestalpine AG, a leading global technology group, operates an important steel mill here. A guided tour of the plant is included in the festival programme, as well as various art projects, the reproduction and experimental use of a medieval iron smelting furnace, and a play full of humour and satire by the well-known Austrian writer Franzobel.

The exhibition ‚Change with an Impact‘, developed by ERIH in cooperation with the Zollverein Foundation, had its debut exactly one year ago at the Zollverein Mine and Coking Plant World Heritage Site and is part of ERIH´s programme for the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.

Its large information boards focus on six ERIH regional routes, including the Styrian Iron Trail with Leoben and the ERIH Anchor Point Erzberg Adventure. Visitors learn about the impact that even small industrial plants can have on regional landscapes and social conditions and get to know the close links between individual sites.

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