Industriada 2018 – The role of women

The Silesian Voivodeship is at the very heart of Poland’s industry. This unique legacy is celebrated every year by the Industriada. With its 44 locations in 25 cities covering the entire Silesian Industrial Monuments Route, Industriada is the largest industrial heritage festival in Eastern Europe. This year it draws attention to an aspect that is often swept under the carpet when it comes to industry: the role of women.

The fact that industrialization was never exclusively a man's business is confirmed by each historic industrial site. Anyway, the women mostly stayed in the background. The Industriada 2018 gives a voice to them by asking questions: how much did women contribute to economic success? In what ways did they shape social interaction? And what influence did they have on what we call industrial heritage today?

The start of Industriada will be on June 8, the eve of the actual festival day, with eight industrial monuments in Bytom, Chorzow, Cieszyn, Gliwice, Siemianowice Slaskie, Tarnowskich Góry, Laziska Gorne, and Zabrze opening their gates to celebrate a night of industrial heritage. The next day, June 9, all 44 locations will be part of the event. Mines, factories, breweries, narrow gauge railways, and water locks invite visitors to join special tours, workshops, shows, concerts and performances. A search engine that is unfortunately available in Polish only allows to generate an individual
schedule of events

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