ERIH German Chapter Meeting 2018: The Results

This week the ERIH Anchor Point Fagus Factory World Heritage Site in Alfeld near Hanover hosted the third ERIH meeting for German-speaking countries. Fagus owner Ernst Greten welcomed 35 participants from all over Germany. The participants took the opportunity to get information, exchange views and discuss current ERIH projects.

Thanks to the EU funding by the Creative Europe programme for the period 2017-2020, ERIH proceeds dynamically. The ERIH meeting focused on the network’s participation in the European Year of Cultural Heritage EYCH 2018, which will culminate in the pan-European dance event "WORK it OUT" on May 1. At the Fagus factory 100 dancers will perform on 1st May. Altogether 33 sites in 10 European countries participate in the event.

Other topics included measures to improve the cooperation and networking of ERIH sites as well as the further development of the ERIH website in order to strengthen the network.

In the afternoon the participants discussed in two workshops how best to tailor the planned ERIH projects “European connections” and “Twinning of sites” to the requirements of its members. The workshop results will shortly be made available on the website.

During the lunch break the participants enjoyed a guided tour with Karl Schünemann, who is working for 57 years in the Fagus factory, sketching a lively picture of the history and Fagus and the development of the site. The participants were not only deeply impressed by the famous Bauhaus architecture of the Fagus factory but also by the great easiness of guiding visitors through the running production.

The boot-last factory in rural Lower Saxony owes its World Heritage classification to the architect Walter Gropius (1883-1969). It was here that he shaped an architectural design that was famously known as Bauhaus style in the years to come. Most surprising for visitors: the Fagus Factory is still operative. So it's not only history the exhibition explores but also a living monument.

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