Saxony-Anhalt Regional Route: 11th Industrial Heritage Day

On April 15, Saxony-Anhalt will be celebrating its 11th Industrial Heritage Day, as always with the participation of a whole bunch of ERIH locations. Apart from well-known industrial monuments the diverse programme covers places that are open to the public for the first time. So it will be exciting again!

‚The penny that moves the world - industrial heritage on a small scale‘ is the promising title of an exhibition at the Magdeburg Technical Museum. It features old slot machines, collected by the local entrepreneur Ulf Steinforte. The nearby Rothensee Boat Lift offers free guided tours of its historic premises. It was replaced only in 2001 by the state-of-the-art Hohenwarthe double sluice, which is part of the massive Magdeburg water crossing including the longest canal bridge in Europe.

The kickoff event of this year’s Industrial Heritage Day will be celebrated at 10 o'clock in the
‚Herrmannschacht’ Briquette Factory in Zeitz. After that, of course, there will enough time to take a closer look at the oldest briquette factory in the world. Even before it ceased operations, it already seemed a museum of technology, having almost completely preserved its original technical features.

The operating principle of a graduation tower can be experienced in the once wealthy Saxon saltworks and today's health resort
Bad Dürrenberg. Historic salt production similarily plays a distinctive role in the Technical Museum of the Saltworks and Saltworkers in Halle. Also worth a visit are the German Chemistry Museum in Merseburg and the Pfännerhall Central Workshop in Braunsbedra with its ornamental brick façade that makes it look like the doorway of a church.

Anyone who seeks for sports activities may combine this with a visit to the ERIH Anchor Point
Ferropolis. The ‚Town of Iron‘ is the starting point for a guided bike tour heading for the Wolfen Industry and Film Museum, which in its permanent exhibition provides insights into the corporate history of AGFA and ORWO.

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