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11 new self-guided tours to explore the Lusatian Industrial Heritage ENERGY Route

Lusatia is swimming in a sea of lignite that gave birth to a booming power industry. Today opencast pits, briquette factories and power stations are crowded with visitors - on the trail of an industrial past which, in many places, is now a living present.

To celebrate its 10th birthday, the Lusatian Industrial Heritage ENERGY Route produced 11 self-guided tours all around the 11 outstanding industrial sites. The special thing about these discovery tours is that besides the sites themselves they explore a lot more sightseeing spots and events en route.
For instance, enjoy the view over Großräschen Lake at IBA Terraces while tasting a local wine maturing on Brandenburg’s only steep vineyard. Contrast the castle-like bio-towers of the former Lauchhammer coking plants with the experience of rural life at the nearby Mühlenhof museum. Or combine a visit of the Louise briquetting plant with fun bathing at the water and activity centre Tröbitz.

Visitors are free to explore the routes at their own pace and according to an individual schedule. That’s a good basis to get to know the region and its particular history in a fun and relaxing way. Find out more here (tour downloads in German only).

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