The Ruhr Area on the Move: ExtraSchicht 2017

It’s time for the 17th Night of Industrial Heritage - on June 24, 2017

When 2000 artists in 21 cities compete at the same time to deliver the best entertainment; when former industrial plants, new creative locations, future sewers, and streetcars serve as stage for performances; when street art groups, symphonists and improvisation theatre are announced; when the schedule includes aquaphony, headphone party, fireworks and piano marathon; when a whole region’s cultural institutions are accessible with only one ticket, then there is only one explanation: ExtraSchicht!
Visitors experience a whole metropolitan area on the move and travel from 6pm to 2am from event to event - by shuttle bus or tram, by canal boat, by bike or simply walking. More than 200,000 people will gather to celebrate this unique summer and cultural festival - and thus the diversity of the Ruhr area.
The program is online, so just plan your festival itinerary by choosing the preferred cities, venues or topics, click here.