Poland celebrates its industrial heritage

The "Industriada" on June 10 is Silesia's answer to the "Extraschicht"

When it comes to industrial monuments, Silesia surpasses other Polish voivodships by far. So it is no surprise that the Industriada is celebrated here. For one day of the year, the festival uses the sites of the ERIH Regional Route Silesia – and not only them – as settings for a varied program.
Factories, workshops, mines, breweries, fire stations, train depots, and museums of technology compete in offering steam days, special tours, workshops, concerts, and any kind of cultural event, benefitting from the flair of industrial monuments. As a major event of the region, Industriada attracts more and more visitors and is regarded as the Silesian version of the "Extraschicht" in the Ruhr area.
This year, a total of 47 sites in 28 towns are involved. Most of them are located in and around Katowice, but there are also more distant destinations such as the brewery museum in Żywiec, some 80 kilometers away. Information on the upcoming program - unfortunately in Polish only – is available here