Route of industrial heritage tours Europe

Road show on the Ruhr district’s industrial transformation visits Catalonia

How does the Ruhr area manage the structural change? How does it deal with the industrial heritage? That is the subject of a road show, ingeniously created by the Regional Association Ruhr (RVR), that arrived this week at the National Science and Technology Museum in Terrassa to be opened today.
The 23 displays provide information on the industrial remains in the Ruhr district and the region’s development in German, English and Catalan. The show focuses on the several hundred-kilometer-long tourist route, which explores – even by bike - the region’s most important and attractive industrial monuments.
"The interest in Germany and abroad in the Route of Industrial Heritage and our successful handling of the industrial legacy grows continuously," says RVR Director Karola Geiß-Netthöfel. "The performance of our exposition in Catalonia is the best way of promoting the Ruhr district as cultural tourism destination while nurturing the exchange of expertise with other European regions affected by substantial transformation.”
In recent decades Catalonia experienced a deep crisis of its textile industries, eventually resulting in the awareness, as in the Ruhr, of the industrial heritage to be preserved and made accessible.

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