Online: XTRA and new entries to the industrial history of European countries

The ERIH website extended: the exciting new section XTRA presents 'Company Museums and Factory Tours" and "UNESCO World Heritage Sites' and there are new entries to the industrial history of European countries

The ERIH website has an exciting new section: XTRA: Company Museums and Factory Tours. Just klick ‘I want to go there’ and check the menu opening under ‘More to discover’. XTRA lists all ERIH sites that belong to a company that is still operating or which combine a visit with a factory tour. The list ranges from the World Heritage Fagus Factory in rural Lower Saxony to the Clark’s company shoe museum in the small Somerset market town of Street. Thus, ERIH connects disused industrial facilities with modern industries and shows that industrial heritage not only refers to the past but also includes the industrial world of today and tomorrow.

A second XTRA feature lists all industrial properties on UNESCO World Heritage Sites within the ERIH network. The list includes sites across Europe, from Spain to Finland. The corresponding map makes the geographical allocation easy to view and shows particular concentrations in the Benelux region and in the UK.

Another important innovation of the ERIH website is its extension to include seven additional country profiles that describe the industrial history of Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Sweden, and Turkey, which has almost doubled the size of this section of the website. It provides clear information for website visitors and ERIH members who are looking for a quick overview of the industrial development of a certain country. At the same time ERIH fulfils its mandate to compose a broad picture out of each site’s historic legacy as part of a common European identity.

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