1st Meeting of Italian Anchor Points, Campolmi Factory, Prato

28 September 2016, the first meeting of Italian ERIH Anchor Points was held in Prato. This event is a joint initiative promoted by the City Council of Prato and ERIH.

The Campolmi Factory (Fabbrica Campolmi) in Prato, a former woollen mill, was the first Italian site to be admitted to the highest category of ERIH, that of Anchor Points. Since Campolmi, five other Italian sites have been added. At a time when ERIH is being recognized by European institutions as a leading promoter of industrial tourism, and in order to make the most of local industrial monuments, Prato City Council, in conjunction with the ERIH Board, decided to organize the first ERIH Convention in Italy, with the aim of jointly assessing the benefits which Italian sites can attain by being part of the European network.

The meeting was opened by the institutional authorities (city counsellor of culture of Prato, vice president of Regione Toscana). Massimo Preite, ERIH Board Member, illustrated aims and programs of ERIH. The representatives of the Italian Anchor Points (Campolmi Factory, Poli Distillerie, Fondazione Musil, Museo della Centrale di Malnisio, Centro Italiano della Cultura del Carbone), Fondazione Lombard) reported the benefits obtained from ERIH membership.

Adan Hajduga (ERIH Vice President) and John Rodger (ERIH Board Member) illustrated the experiences of the Regional Routes of Upper Silesia and South Wales. Their expositions were finalized to show the second step to be done in Italy: the creation of Industrial Heritage Regional Routes.

Šárka Jiroušková, Director of Stara Cistirna in Prague, commented how the Anchor Point inscription has contributed to promote the site.

September 29 the ERIH delegation (Preite, Hajduga, Rodger and Jiroušková) visited the Archeo-Mining Park of San Silvestro and Magma Museum in Follonica, both of them remarkable Italian industrial sites.




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