ERIH Presentation at European Parliament

European Industrial Heritage Tourism. Best Practices and Future Perspectives

How can we stimulate lasting enthusiasm and interest among Europeans about their shared history and legacy of industrialisation? How can the tourism potential of this legacy be promoted? How can the European Union help to foster and better connect the tourism use of industrial heritage sites in Europe? And how can ERIH contribute to the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018?

Those were some of the questions raised during a three hour panel debate in the European Parliament on 28th September. The event, which was hosted by MEPs Prof. Dr. Dietmar Köster and Marek Plura, included presentations by ERIH representatives about the network’s best practices and future perspectives.

After an introduction to the ERIH network by Christiane Baum, Secretary General of ERIH, Prof. Massimo Preite, ERIH Board member, explained the significance of industrial heritage as a shared European legacy.

Dr. Adam Hajduga, ERIH Board member and Head of Unit for Industrial Heritage Promotion in the Silesian Voivodeship, presented the Regional Route Silesia. His presentation illustrated ERIH’s networking benefits and its potential to generate events of national importance like the annual "Industriada" which he described as a Silesian version of the "Extraschicht" festival in The Ruhr. He stressed ERIH´s importance as a platform for the exchange of experience.

Zollverein Coal Mine was presented as an excellent example of the successful conversion of a former industrial facility into a tourism and cultural attraction by Jolanta Nölle, Board member of the Zollverein Foundation. She outlined the development of Zollverein Coal Mine into an outstanding industrial monument and particularly stressed its attraction as a location for designers, research centres and academic institutions.

Walter Zampieri, Head of Unit for Cultural Policy and Intercultural Dialogue at the Directorate-General for Education and Culture, European Commission, looked ahead to the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 and announced that the European Union will focus particularly on the promotion of collaborative projects and networks, which is good news for ERIH.

The presentations
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