Fresh look: The new ERIH website is online

ERIH members are highlighted by a generous image design and user-friendly functions

The freshly relaunched website of the European Route of Industrial Heritage (ERIH) showcases a most up-to-date, user-friendly, and inviting design. In particular, the 99 Anchor Points, leading members of the ERIH network thanks to their trans-regional importance, benefit from enriched illustration features. But ERIH sites of local significance also benefit from enhanced presentation on the website.  The intuitive navigation makes orientation easy and allows targeted searches.

An overview of the industrial heritage sites' geographical distribution is presented by a map of Europe. It starts with the central part of the continent and can be easily expanded by drag and zoom options. Each search can be refined by geographical filters and special features. Alternatively the button 'I want to go there' provides all ERIH sites listed alphabetically by country, whereas the menu option 'How it started' generates content referring to Europe's industrial history and biographies of people who played a pivotal role in it.

Stimulating enthusiasm is the focus

A significant innovation of the website is the radial search function. It targets mobile users and specifies with one click all ERIH sites within a limited radius. It also identifies smaller industrial monuments and promotes these as destinations for spontaneous visits. A primary aim of the new website designis to stimulate enthusiasm and draw more visitors to individual ERIH sites. Simplified navigation directs users to background information more quickly than before. The clearly highlighted headings 'Did you know?' as well as 'Stories about people' and 'Welcome to our new members' encourage serendipitous discoveries.

In addition more regular content will be provided in the news section which is not only relevant for ERIH members but also of interest to others.The expert data base referred to on the website is still under development and when set up will provide a professional forum offering support to ERIH members on a range of issues including historical research, exhibition concepts, marketing and event management.

The new website is a great achievement. But  but there is always room for improvement and to make the site even more attractive we encourage all Anchor Points and other ERIH members to send us additional photos. They should be royalty-free, adaptable to a quadratic frame and of course provide an attractive depiction of the site. Please send your images to webmaster(at)















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