ERIH Annual Conference 2016 "European industrial heritage. How to tell the international story?"

26-28 October 2016 at Porto / Portugal > Register now

From its beginnings, the Industrial Revolution was not just a local phenomenon, it was international – “Globalization” is not a new buzz word! The new technologies quickly spread across the world, particularly in Europe, and this marked a major turning point in history.

Almost every aspect of daily life was affected in some way and as a result, there were strong similarities across countries and cultures in the methods of production and ways of life – we all dug the same coal…

Each Industrial Heritage site; every city; and each workers’ dwelling has an international dimension to its history and this provides a huge treasure trove of fascinating stories which can be presented in ways that appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds.

We invited experts from different countries to present their way of showing the European Links at their sites, routes and in their regions. Based on these examples of good practice, we invite the delegates to discuss and develop new ideas and get new impetus for their own sites.

In the afternoon of the Conference Day (27th October) we offer three different panel discussions: “European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018”, “How to implement ERIH on national level?” and “ERIH-Ideas for the next funding period 2017-2020”. As always there are several excursions before, during and after the conference. The ERIH General Assembly will held on Friday 28th October 02016.

The conference is open for ERIH members and non-members.

We have negotiated special hotel rates, please book before 15th September 2016 to benefit of this special conditions.

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