Looking for a Master's thesis on "Volunteer management at industrial heritage sites"

Industrial culture needs voluntary work! Not only do volunteers raise public awareness of threatened industrial monuments, they are often deeply involved in the preservation of these monuments and in helping to repair and maintain them and their infrastructure. As a route for European industrial heritage tourism, ERIH intends to have this commitment scientifically investigated by means of a master's thesis.

The main objective is to support the work at the individual sites. For if it were possible to define appropriate conditions or even recommendations for successful volunteer management, this would particularly benefit those technical monuments that rely heavily on volunteers to provide a memorable experience for tourists. The corona pandemic is posing additional challenges for these sites and further adds to the need for scientific research on the subject.

Students with an academic interest in these issues will profit from ERIH's multifaceted network, which covers all of Europe. International experts in the field of industrial heritage will be ready to provide valuable input for a graduate project, as does the documentation of hands-on volunteer structures on the ground. The fact that so many ERIH sites rely on voluntary work means that the results of the research will attract extra attention – and thus add value to the thesis itself.