On 29 September 2021 the II International Forum of Industrial Tourism in the Basque Country is dedicated to "The industrial landscape as a tourist resorce". The event takes place at Ekoetxea Meatzaldea. Gallarta (Bizkaia, Spain) and online.

The definitive development of industrialization, which occurred in the Basque Country since the end of the 19th century, transformed many of our municipalities and regions into work spaces, factories, and the unstoppable movement of goods, creating a landscape universe of great visual power.

Even today, and despite the important urban transformations suffered during the last 30 years, the very appearance of our towns and cities is a direct consequence of that industrialization process.

Thus, industrial landscapes, whether urban, mining, port, etc., have themselves become resources with great cultural and tourist potential. Landscapes that complement the museum and interpretive spaces linked to our industrial past and that, in addition to witnessing the industrial evolution of the Basque Country, maintain the memory of the companies and the workers who manufactured them.

Unique landscapes that deserve to be preserved, explained and disseminated to future generations, but also to visitors who want to know our history. For this reason, the II International Forum of Industrial Tourism aims, on the one hand, to deepen its knowledge from a cultural-heritage perspective and, on the other, to publicize experiences and good state and international practices, that are part of the ERIH Network, that serve as a reference for the future development of new projects that reinforce the competitiveness and positioning of the Basque Industrial Tourism product.

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