26 September: Industriada 2020

On Saturday, INDUSTRIADA will be celebrating the industrial heritage of the Silesian Voivodeship for the 11th time. The Industrial Heritage Route, on which the festival is based, is also an ERIH regional route with almost a dozen member sites, including five Anchor Points. Due to the Corona pandemic, this year's INDUSTRIADA had to be postponed and, unlike in previous years, is limited to one day.

Despite the shorter time frame, the programme is still impressive. It comes under the heading "Nature in Industry". In what way did nature play a role in the everyday life of former miners and steelworkers and what significance does it have today for sites which, on the one hand, epitomise the industrial heart of Poland and, at the same time, attract many visitors thanks to their wealth of industrial heritage?

The programme features three ERIH Anchor Points: the Historic Silver Mine World Heritage Site in Tarnowskie Góry as well as the Guido Coal Mine and the “Queen Louise” Adit in Zabrze. Events are also held at the ERIH member sites Nikiszowiec Settlement and Zinc Rolling Mill Museum in Katowice and the Museum of Bread, School and Curiosities in Radzionków.

As every year, visitors can choose from a wide range of exciting guided tours, workshops, concerts and other activities. In total, the programme includes 301 events in 23 cities at 34 heritage sites. Due to the pandemic, however, the number of participants may be limited. In addition, the festival area extends over several zones with a variety of health regulations.