25/26 September: Days of Industrial Culture on the Waterfront

For the sixth time, the Hamburg Metropolitan Region is celebrating the "Days of Industrial Culture on the Waterfront" - with 200 events at over 110 monuments, spread over 49 sites. For two days, from 25 to 26 September, harbour facilities, locks and ships, lighthouses and water towers, bridges and mills, factories and power stations will attract visitors with special experiences and events.

Many of the participating monuments are mostly not accessible to the public and open exclusively on this weekend. Among the highlights is the electrically operated Bergedorf rotary crane, recalling the long port history of this part of the city. The Blohmstrasse Culture Kiosk in the Harburg Museum Harbour is another venue celebrating its debut at the Days of Industrial Culture. The "Trinkhalle seit 1876" (drinking hall since 1876) once served to prevent the consumption of alcohol by industrial and dock workers during working hours and to provide them with non-alcoholic and healthy drinks.

Many industrial buildings include natural surroundings as an integral part of the experience. In Malliß, for example, visitors follow the traces of lignite mining along the canals to the Marien-Stollen. In Neumünster, they walk along the course of the river Schwale to show how the water in the city once influenced work and, in particular, the cloth industry.

Other highlights include trips and tours aboard historic cargo ships and ferries. Once again, maritime highlights in Rostock, Wittenberge and Kiel will also be taking part. The detailed programme on all the industrial heritage sites and museums in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region as well as further information on industrial history are available at following website.

Tage der Industriekultur am Wasser