We are looking for a student of the faculties of “cultural management”, “museum management” or “cultural tourism” or similar who would be interested  in undertaking research in a master’s thesis about volunteers´ work at industrial heritage sites in Europe.

ERIH – The European Route of Industrial Heritage is a tourism information and stakeholders´ network. Founded in 1999, ERIH now comprises over 100 Anchor Points, 20 Regional Routes, more than 300 members and a total of 1,950 sites in all European countries. It is the most important “Guide to Industrial Heritage in Europe”. In May 2019 ERIH was certified as a 'Cultural Route of the Council of Europe'. More information: www.erih.net

In many former industrial areas in Europe civil engagement has contributed to the protection and revitalisation of sites. Most of these industrial heritage sites are supported by volunteers some are run and managed by volunteers. Volunteers help to enable the industrial heritage to be communicated and experienced. ERIH aims to support these sites in their work with volunteers and now seeks to promote research into their contribution with a master’s thesis on the topic.

The following questions should be considered:

  • Are there specific criteria for the involvement of volunteers at industrial heritage sites?
  • Can certain forms of structure and organisation be identified which are beneficial for the attraction and engagement of volunteers?
  • Can guidelines of good practice, which are relevant for sites all over Europe, be drafted for working with volunteers?

We offer:
ERIH can assist with identifying experts for interview across Europe and can suggest sites within the network who work with volunteers. Travel costs can be covered, by arrangement. ERIH will support the publication and submission of the findings and their presentation in workshops or during the ERIH Annual Conference may also be possible.

A summary of the main findings should be published in English. Subject to the agreement of the supervising professor, a member of the ERIH Board could also contribute to the supervision.

If you are interested in working on this master’s thesis please contact  

Katharina Hornscheidt
Coordinator Berliner Zentrum Industriekultur (bzi)
ERIH board member
c/o HTW Berlin | FB 5
Ostendstr. 25 | 12459 Berlin | Germany


[September 2020]