There are numerous expert databases and best practice websites on different topic dealing with industrial heritage. Following you will find a selection of links we collected for you. In addition, a significant part of the sites featured on our website are best practice examples of use or conversion of industrial monuments.
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Links Preservation and Conversion of Industrial Heritage Sites

EUROPE | European Heritage Strategy for the 21st Century; good practices and examples of Strategy 21 A | Bauwerk Europa-Expertenpool B | La reconversion d'anciens batiments industriels et commerciaux aux fins d'hébergement de bibliothèques, de centres d'archives ou de documentation (pdf) CH | Die Umnutzer CH | KMU-Ratgeber Expertensuche CY | Adaptive Reuse of Industrial Buildings: Case Study of Tenten Factory in Famagusta D | Denkmalradar D | Die HOAI im Internet: Experten D | Energieeffizienz-Expertendatenbank für Förderprogramme des Bundes D | Experten-Datenbank. Ingenieursuche D | Indumap. Das Handbuch zum Umgang mit Industriedenkmalen D | Online-Plattform für energetisches Bauen und Sanieren D | Experten- und Berater-Datenbank Barrierefrei Bauen F | Reconversions. L’architecture industrielle réinventée FIN | Reusing the Industrial Past by the Tammerkoski Rapids IRL | Recordung and conserving Ireland's industrial heritage (pdf) M | Approaches to Industrial Heritage: what works? RO | Models of Technical and Industrial Heritage Re-Use in Romania UK | CADW Wales. Technical Guidance UK | Historic England. Re-using Industrial Sites UK | The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. Knowledge Base US | Nationale Housing Preservation Database - | BCIN, the Bibliographic Database of the Conservation Information Network - | Big Stuff. The site about preservation and display of large technology and industrial heritage - | The Best in Heritage. Projects of Influence - | Comprehensive Management of Industrial Heritage Sites as A Basis for Sustainable Regeneration - |Protection and Reuse of Industrial Heritage: Dilemmas, Problems, Examples

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