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National Polytechnic Museum

The National Polytechnic Museum was founded in 1957 and is managed by the Academy of Sciences under the direction of the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture. It occupies a building that formerly accommodated a museum commemorating Georgi Dimitrov (1882-1949), the Communist leader and theoretician. Its principal sections relate to transport, chronology, photography and cinematography, radio and television and computers. Notable vehicles in the collection include a Ford Model A car of 1928, a Fiat 509 of 1925-29, a Czech Tatra 97 of 1936-39, and a Messerschmidt KR200 mini car of 1955-64, designed by Fritz Fend (1920-2000). There is also Hammond organ made in Bulgaria together with some notable early electronic calculators including an Elka of 1965.

National Polytechnic Museum
Ul Opalchenska 66
1303 Sofia
+359 (0) 2831 - 3004

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