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Danish Media Museum

The Media Museum opened as national museum in 1984. It focuses on the history of print and electronic media in Denmark and the role of the media in society, past and present. It presents artefacts, images and texts backed up by a research collection of some 115,000 items – newspapers and magazines, films, photographs, television programmes, film projectors, radio and television sets, printing machines and computers used for designing newspapers. It holds work by several celebrated Danish illustrators. There is a special collection of tools and materials used in bookbinding. Displays show how freedom of speech has developed in Denmark since the abolition of state censorship in 1849. The interactive displays of the ‘Media Mixer’ help visitors learn about modern media by giving their own commentaries on events, being interviewed by journalists or selecting film clips from the 1920s to the present.

Danish Media Museum
Danmarks Mediemuseum
Overgade 48
5000 Odense
+45 (0) 6551 - 4601

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