Leipzig Days of Industrial Heritage: having, living and sharing industrial culture

The agenda is packed, the list of participating sites is long: Leipzig (Germany) will be celebrating its industrial culture even under pandemic conditions, thus contributing significantly to the Year of Industrial Heritage in Saxony 2020. When? From 3 to 6 September. Almost all events are subject to registration, and it goes without saying that all hygiene and distance regulations will be observed.

As every year, the thematic route "Offenes Werktor" (open factory gate) is an important and popular part of the programme. Whether it is a visit to the Leipzig ball and roller bearing plant, which has been operating for almost 100 years, the Open Day in a rather young foundry on the site of the former GISAG combine, or a guided tour of the Neue ZWL Zahnradwerk Leipzig (new gearwheel plant), a global manufacturer of motor and transmission components – each of these tours provides an insight into modern industrial operations and plant facilities.

The fact that Leipzig's industry has a long tradition is revealed, for example, by a guided time-travel tour at Leipzig's Tram Museum, which keeps a copy of almost every type of tram you can think of, or a tour of an old, almost forgotten factory site of once renowned companies in the east of Leipzig.

A very special experience is waiting for the participants of the Discovery Tour of the Historical Leipzig Public Bath. They can look forward not only to a unique Art Nouveau architecture but also to the history of spa culture from the end of the Middle Ages to the turn of the century. The light show "colorful - bunt" sets the scene for six cultural institutions in Schkeuditz, including the "Sonne" cultural centre, which formerly housed a cash register factory and a printing press.

Leipzig Days of Industrial Heritage