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European Themeroute Iron and Steel | Furnaces


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Ostrava | Czech Republic

Not even 20 years ago Ostrava was called the ...

Dolní Vítkovice
Dolní oblast VÍTKOVICE, z.s.
Vítkovice 3004
703 00 Ostrava, Czech Republic

Dommartin-le-Franc | France

Everyone knows the Statue of Liberty in New ...

Metallurgic Park
13 rue du Maréchal Leclerc
52110 Dommartin-le-Franc, France

Duisburg | Germany

“Clean and tidy and ready to be fired up once ...

North Landscape Park
Emscherstrasse 71
47137 Duisburg, Germany

Hattingen | Germany

The story of iron, steel and the people who ...

Henrichshütte Steelworks LWL Industrial Museum
Werksstraße 25
45527 Hattingen, Germany

Völklingen | Germany

The Völklinger Hütte (ironworks) in Germany’s ...

World Heritage Site Voelklingen Iron Works
Europäisches Zentrum für Kunst und Industriekultur
Rathausstraße 75
66302 Völklingen, Germany

Member Sites ERIH Association

Vordernberg | Austria

Vordernberg was for many centuries the main ...

Radwerk IV Blast Furnace Museum
Peter-Tunner-Straße 2
8794 Vordernberg, Austria

Uckange | France

Blast furnace U4 is a rusty fossil. The oldest ...

Blast Furnace U4
Parc haut-fourneau U4
1, Jardin des Traces
57270 Uckange, France

Balve | Germany

Smoking chimneys and industrial spires towering ...

Wocklumer Allee
58802 Balve, Germany

Bendorf-Sayn | Germany

The casting hall in the Gothic style at the ...

Sayner Hütte Iron Works
In der Sayner Hütte 4
56170 Bendorf-Sayn, Germany

Miskolc | Hungary

Miscolc, in the Bukk region of northern ...

Metallurgic Collection and Massa Museum
Massa Múzeum| Mûemlék nagyolvasztó ("Õskohó")
Omassai utca
3517 Miskolc, Hungary

Esch-sur-Alzette | Luxembourg

The southern part of the Grand Duchy of ...

Belval Blast Furnaces
Le Fons Belval
6 avenue des Hauts Fourneaux
4362 Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

Ruda Śląska | Poland

For Ruda Śląska, Huta Pokój, being the original ...

Blast Furnace 'A' of Huta Pokój Ironworks
Wielki Piec Huty 'Pokój'
Niedurnego 79
41-709 Ruda Śląska, Poland

Irun | Spain

Man has been using minerals from Aiako Harria ...

Irugurutzeta Furnaces
Hornos de Irugurutzeta
Meaka 110-Ibarla
20305 Irun, Spain

Sagunto | Spain

Puerto de Sagunto, one of the latest ...

Puerto de Sagunto
Address Horno Alto nº2: Avenida Altos Hornos 46520 Puerto de Sagunto
Address Tourist Info Sagunto: Plaza Cronista Chabret s/n
46500 Sagunto, Spain

San Salvador | Spain

The museum remembers the social and regional ...

Ethnographic Museum of Quiros
Museo Ethnográfico de Quirós
Carretera General AS 229 - P.K. 8,4
33117 San Salvador, Spain

Sestao | Spain

Blast furnace no. 1 is the most important ...

Blast Furnace No 1
Horno alto número 1
Calle Txabarri
48910 Sestao, Spain

Norberg | Sweden

Lapphyttan is a site of world importance in ...

New Lapphyttan
Nya Lapphyttan
Västanforsvägen 30
Norberg, Sweden

Blaenavon | United Kingdom

This is the first dedicated World Heritage ...

Blaenavon World Heritage Centre
Church Road
Blaenavon, United Kingdom

Taynuilt | United Kingdom

Bonawe is a remarkably complete charcoal-fired ...

Bonawe Iron Furnace
PA35 1JQ Taynuilt, United Kingdom


Hüttenberg | Austria

Hüttenberg is a former mining town in ...

Hüttenberg Show Mine | Heft Open Air Museum
Hüttenberg Show Mine
Knappenberg 32
A-9376 Hüttenberg, Austria