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European Themeroute Application of Power | Electricity


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Cedegolo | Italy

How does a drop of water transform into ...

Museum of Hydroelectric Energy
Museo dell'energia idroelettrica
Via Roma 48
25051 Cedegolo, Italy

Tyssedal | Norway

According to the Norwegian writer, Frode ...

Kraftmuseet. Norwegian Museum of Hydropower and Industry
Kraftmuseet. Norsk vasskraft- og Industristadmuseum
Naustbakken 7
5770 Tyssedal, Norway

Lódź | Poland

Softening plant, pump station and boiler house, ...

EC1 Łódź - City of Culture
EC1 Łódź - Miasto Kultury
Ul. Tuwima 46
90-021 Lódź, Poland

Ponferrada | Spain

Electricity made from coal: When the power ...

The Light Factory. Museum of Energy
La Fábrica de Luz. Museo de la Energía
Avenida Libertad 46
24404 Ponferrada, Spain

Terrassa | Spain

The most eye-catching feature of the Vapor ...

National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia
Museu Nacional de la Ciència i la Tècnica de Catalunya (MNACTEC)
Rambla d’Ègara 270
08221 Terrassa, Spain

Member Sites ERIH Association

Alsdorf | Germany

Alsdorf is mining community about 15 kilometres ...

Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 7
52477 Alsdorf, Germany

Berlin | Germany

How does electricity get into the socket? The ...

Energy Museum
Teltowkanalstraße 9
12247 Berlin, Germany

Berlin | Germany

Nestled between commercial buildings and main ...

Herzberge Boiler House Museum
Herzbergstraße 79
10365 Berlin, Germany

Milan | Italy

Fondazione AEM was established in 2007 in order ...

Casa dell’Energia e dell’Ambiente – Fondazione AEM-Gruppo A2A
Piazza Po, 3
20144 Milan, Italy

Sas van Gent | Netherlands

The Zeeland Industrial Museum is a place of ...

Zeeland Industrial Museum
Industrieel Museum Zeeland
Westkade 114
4551 LA Sas van Gent, Netherlands

As Pontes de García Rodríguez | Spain

As Pontes de García Rodríguez is a town with a ...

As Pontes Industrial Experience
As Pontes Experiencia Industrial
Parque municipal, s/n
15320 As Pontes de García Rodríguez, Spain

Barakaldo | Spain

The Ilgner building is the only building still ...

Ilgner Electrical Transformers Building
Avenida Altos Hornos de Vizcaya, 33
48901 Barakaldo, Spain

Capdella | Spain

Capdella was the first major hydroelectric ...

Capdella Hydroelectric Museum
Museu Hidroelectric de Capdella
Avinguda dels Avets 1
25515 Capdella, Spain

Castelló d’Empúries | Spain

Castelló d’Empúries is a small town in the ...

Flour Milling Ecomuseum of Castelló d’Empúries
Ecomuseu-Farinera de Castelló d’Empúries
Carrer de Sant Francesc 5-7
17486 Castelló d’Empúries, Spain

Esparreguera | Spain

The Sedó Colony was the first and largest ...

Museum of the Sedó Colony in Esparreguera
Museu de la Colònia Sedó d'Esparreguera
Àrea Industrial Can Sedó, Calle Contínues
08292 Esparreguera, Spain


Encamp | Andorra

FEDA (Forces Electriques d’Andorra) has ...

MW Museum of Electricity
MW Museu de l’Electricitat
Avenue de la Batra
AD2000 Encamp, Andorra

Timelkam | Austria

One of Austria’s largest thermal electric ...

Energy Adventure World
Mühlfeld 2
4850 Timelkam, Austria

Vienna | Austria

The technical museum in Vienna holds many ...

Technical Museum
212 Mariahilfer Strasse
1140 Vienna, Austria

Bjerringbro | Denmark

Bjerringbro stands on the River Gudena, 8 km ...

Bjerringbro Energy Museum
Bjerringbroveg 44
8850 Bjerringbro, Denmark

Horsens | Denmark

Horsens is a city with long commercial and ...

Danish Industrial Museum
Industrimuseet museet for produktion, levevilkår og finansiel udvikling
Gasvej 17
8700 Horsens, Denmark

Tallinn | Estonia

The energy discovery centre in Talinn is ...

Energy Discovery Centre
Energia Avastuskeskus
Pöhjo Puiestee 29
10415 Tallinn, Estonia

Mulhouse | France

Electropolis, located in a ‘city of museums’, ...

EDF Electropolis
Musee EDF Electropolis
Rue de Paturage 555
68200 Mulhouse, France

Paris | France

The Cite des Sciences et de l’Industrie is one ...

Cite des Sciences et de l’Industrie
30 avenue Corentin-Cariou
75019 Paris, France

Toulouse | France

The EDF Bazacle hydroelectric power station is ...

EDF Bazacle Complex
L’espace EDF Bazacle
11, quai Saint-Pierre
31000 Toulouse, France

Dortmund | Germany

If you don’t believe that office work is bad ...

DASA - German Occupational Safety and Health Exhibition
Friedrich-Henkel-Weg 1-25
44149 Dortmund, Germany

Engelskirchen | Germany

When Friedrich Engels, the son of a Wuppertal ...

Ermen & Engels Power Station LVR Industrial Museum
Engels-Platz 2
51766 Engelskirchen, Germany

Plessa | Germany

The very shape of this oval room hints at its ...

Plessa Power Station
Nordstr. 1-3
04928 Plessa, Germany

Recklinghausen | Germany

Suddenly there’s a cow standing in the room. ...

Time Travel Electricity - The German Electricity Museum
Uferstraße 2–4
45663 Recklinghausen, Germany

Paks | Hungary

The nuclear power station 5 km from the city ...

Paks Nuclear Power Plant, Museum of Nuclear Energetics
Atomenergetikai Múzeum
8803/10 HRSZ
7031 Paks, Hungary

Pavia | Italy

The museum of electrical technology was ...

Museum of Electrical Technology
Museo Tecnica Elettrica
Via Ferrata 6
27100 Pavia, Italy

Rome | Italy

The Centrale Montemartini was a power station ...

Centrale Montemartini
Via Ostiense 106
00154 Rome, Italy

Prizren | Kosovo

Prizren is a substantial city with a ...

Hydro-Power Plant - Electrical Museum
Hidroelektrana – Muzej elektroprivrede
Lumbardh Gorge Jabllanica
20000 Prizren, Kosovo