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ERIH Anchor Points

Chemnitz | Germany

The framework: a listed factory building from ...

Saxon Museum of Industry | Chemnitz Museum of Industry
Zwickauer Straße 119
09112 Chemnitz, Germany

Zwickau | Germany

Horch street, Audi street, Trabant street: a ...

August Horch Museum
Audistraße 7
08058 Zwickau, Germany

Terrassa | Spain

The most eye-catching feature of the Vapor ...

National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia
Museu Nacional de la Ciència i la Tècnica de Catalunya (MNACTEC)
Rambla d’Ègara 270
08221 Terrassa, Spain

Telford | United Kingdom

Length: 30.6 metres. Height: 16.75 metres. ...

Iron Bridge World Heritage Site
Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust Coach Road Coalbrookdale
TF8 7DQ Telford, United Kingdom

Member Sites ERIH Association

Kopřivnice | Czech Republic

The Tatra Truck Museum houses in the ...

Tatra Truck Museum
Muzeum nákladních automobilů Tatra
Husova 1326/13
74221 Kopřivnice, Czech Republic

Magdeburg | Germany

If there is one feature which unites the ...

Magdeburg Technical Museum
Dodendorfer Straße 65
39112 Magdeburg, Germany

Nuremberg | Germany

As early as the Middle Ages, Nuremberg was a ...

Museum of Industrial Culture
Äußere Sulzbacher Straße 62
90317 Nuremberg, Germany

Rüsselsheim | Germany

Adam Opel (1837-95) laid the foundation for ...

Municipal and Industrial Museum
Hauptmann Scheuermann Weg 4
65428 Rüsselsheim, Germany

Budapest | Hungary

The main site of the Hungarian Technical and ...

The Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transport
Magyar Müszaki és Közlekedési Közlekedési Múzeum
Városligeti Körut 11
1146 Budapest, Hungary

Vransko | Slovenia

The Grom Motorcycle Museum in Vransko is a ...

Grom Motorcycle Museum
Muzej Motociklov Grom
Vransko 29a
3305 Vransko, Slovenia

Galdames | Spain

A short distance from the city of Bilbao in the ...

Museum of Classic and Vintage Cars Torre Loizaga
Museo de Coches Antiguos y Clásicos
Barrio Concejuelo s/n
48191 Galdames, Spain

Getxo | Spain

Europe’s first transporter bridge, one where ...

Bizkaia Bridge World Heritage Site
Puente Bizkaia | Puente Colgante
48930 Getxo, Spain


Canillo | Andorra

The museum at Canillo holds a large collection ...

Motor Cycle Museum
Museu de los Dues Rodes
AD100 Canillo, Andorra

Bad Ischl | Austria

The Vehicle-Technology-Aviation Museum is ...

Vehicle-Technology-Aviation Museum
Sulzbach 178
4820 Bad Ischl, Austria

Ferlach | Austria

Historama is a large transport museum at ...

Historama Museum of Technology
Auengasse 2
9170 Ferlach, Austria

Graz | Austria

In 1889, Johann Puch began his first company ...

Johann Puch Museum
Puchstraße 85
8020 Graz, Austria

Brussels | Belgium

The Autoworld museum displays about 200 ...

Jubelpark Parc de Cinquantenaire 11
1000 Brussels, Belgium

Romedenne | Belgium

Romedenne is a small community within the ...

Gambrinus Drivers’ Museum
Musée des Camions de Brasserie
Fontaine Saint-Pierre 2A
5600 Romedenne, Belgium

Mostar | Bosnia and Hercegovina

The ancient city of Mostar is the capital of ...

Old Bridge Museum
Stari Most
Mostar, Bosnia and Hercegovina

Sofia | Bulgaria

The National Polytechnic Museum was founded in ...

National Polytechnic Museum
Ul Opalchenska 66
1303 Sofia, Bulgaria

Varna | Bulgaria

The Retro Museum is a collection of ...

Retro Museum
Ретро Музей
Grand Mall Varna
9009 Varna, Bulgaria

Jablanovec | Croatia

The museum was begun in Zagreb in 2013 and ...

Ferdinand Budicki Automobile Museum
Projekt Ferdinand Budicki ı Muzej
West Gate Shopping City Zaprešićka 2
10290 Jablanovec, Croatia

Zagreb | Croatia

The museum of technology in Croatia was ...

Nikola Tesla Technical Museum
Tehnički Muzej Nikola Tesla
Savska cesta 18
Zagreb, Croatia

Limassol | Cyprus

The Cyprus Motor Museum was founded by the ...

Cyprus Motor Museum
3056 Limassol, Cyprus

Nicosia | Cyprus

The Cyprus Classic Motorcycle Museum was ...

Cyprus Classic Motorcycle Museum
Granikou 44
1010 Nicosia, Cyprus

Brno | Czech Republic

The museum in Brno is the largest collection ...

Museum of Historical BMW Cars
Museum Historických Vozů BMW
Řípské ulici 5c
62700 Brno, Czech Republic

Kopřivnice | Czech Republic

Kopřivnice in eastern Moravia is the site of ...

Tatra Technical Museum
Technickŏ Muzeum Tatra
Záhumenni 367/1
74221 Kopřivnice, Czech Republic

Liberec | Czech Republic

Opened in 2014, Liberec Technical Museum is ...

Liberec Technical Museum
Technické Muzeum Liberec
Masarykova 424/5
46001 Liberec, Czech Republic

Mlada Boleslav | Czech Republic

The Skoda factory in Mlada Boleslav, 72 km N ...

Skoda Museum
Vaclava Klementa 294
293-60 Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic

Helsingor | Denmark

The museum of technology was established by a ...

Danish Museum of Technology
Danmarks Tekniske Museet
Fabriksvej 25-27
3000 Helsingor, Denmark

Halinga | Estonia

The principal importance of the car museum, ...

Tallinna Car Museum MTU
Tallinna Automuuseum MTÜ
87222 Halinga, Estonia

Varbuse | Estonia

The mission of the Estonian Road Museum is to ...

Estonian Road Museum
Eesti Maanteemuuseum
63122 Varbuse, Estonia