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Castrillón | Spain

In 1833, a Belgian company settled in Arnao ...

Arnao Mine and Museum
Museo de la Mina de Arnao
La mina, 7
33450 Castrillón, Spain

Ciaño | Spain

Large-scale coal mining was the principal ...

Samuño Valley Mining Ecomuseum
Ecomseo Minero del valle de Samuño
El Cadavíu
33909 Ciaño, Spain

Donostia-San Sebastián | Spain

The Basque Maritime Museum is located in one of ...

Basque Maritime Museum
Museo Marítimo Vasco
Kaiko pasealekua, 24
20003 Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain

Donostia-San Sebastian | Spain

The oldest cable car in Euskadi covers 312.5 ...

Monte Igueldo Cable Car
Funicular Monte Igueldo
Plaza del Funicular, 4
2008 Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain

Donostia-San Sebastián | Spain

The cement museum at Donostia was established ...

Rezola Cement Museum
Museum Cemento Rezola
36 Añorga Hiribidea
20018 Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain

Eibar | Spain

The town of Eibar boasts an arms-making ...

Arms Industry Museum
Museo de la Industria Armea
Bista Eder 10
20600 Eibar, Spain

El Entrego | Spain

Asturias was one of the most important coal ...

Asturian Museum of Mining and Industry
Musea de la Minería y de la Industria de Asturias
El Trabanquin
33940 El Entrego, Spain

Elgoibar | Spain

The museum consists of the "1900 machining ...

Museum of the Machine Tool
Museo Máquina-Herramienta
Azkue Bailara, 1
20870 Elgoibar, Spain

Fabero | Spain

Belonging to the Company Antracitas de Fabero, ...

"Pozo Julia" Mining Park
Parque de la Minería "Pozo Julia"
calle Otero, 61
24420 Fabero, Spain

Galdames | Spain

A short distance from the city of Bilbao in the ...

Museum of Classic and Vintage Cars Torre Loizaga
Museo de Coches Antiguos y Clásicos
Barrio Concejuelo s/n
48191 Galdames, Spain

Getxo | Spain

Europe’s first transporter bridge, one where ...

Bizkaia Bridge World Heritage Site
Puente Bizkaia | Puente Colgante
48930 Getxo, Spain

Getxo | Spain

Along the Quays of Las Arenas and Arriluze you ...

The Big Villas Promenade
Muelle de Las Arenas
48930 Getxo, Spain

Irun | Spain

Man has been using minerals from Aiako Harria ...

Irugurutzeta Furnaces
Hornos de Irugurutzeta
Meaka 110-Ibarla
20305 Irun, Spain

Karrantza | Spain

In 1956 exploitation began of the Donosa quarry ...

Dolomitas Museum
Museo Dolomitas
C/Ambasaguas S/N
48891 Karrantza, Spain

Langreo | Spain

Mining and the making of iron and steel were ...

Asturian Museum of the Steel Industry
Museo de la Siderurgia de Asturias
Ciudad Tecnológica Valnalón C/ Hornos Altos s/n
33930 Langreo, Spain

Legazpi | Spain

Legazpi, 45 km south-west of San Sebastian, is ...

Mirandoala Iron Valley
Valle del hierro
Mirandaola Parkea Telleriate auzoa, z/g
20230 Legazpi, Spain

Lekeitio | Spain

The Lea river begins on the northern slope of ...

Lea River's Industrial Landscape with Marierrota Tide Mill
Sendero del Lea | Molino de Marierrota
Lekeitio, Spain

Lekeitio | Spain

The centre of interpretation of the techniques ...

Santa Katalina Lighthouse Interpretation Centre
Faro de Santa Catalina
Avenida Santa Katalina, 65
48280 Lekeitio, Spain

Lutxana-Barakaldo | Spain

The Department of Culture and Language Policy ...

Orkonera-Lutxana. Basque Country Industrial Heritage Warehouse
Orkonera-Lutxana, Depósito de Patrimonio Industrial mueble de Euskadi
Andikollano, 33
48903 Lutxana-Barakaldo, Spain

Madrid | Spain

Madrid’s Delicias station was built in 1880, ...

Railway Museum Madrid
Museo del Ferrocarril de Madrid
Paseo de la Delicias 61
28045 Madrid, Spain

Manresa | Spain

The museum occupies the Dipòsits Vells (Old ...

Manresa Museum of Technology
Museu de la Tècnica de Manresa
Carretera de Santpedor, 55
08242 Manresa, Spain

Muskiz | Spain

El Pobal Ironworks, a 500 years old foundry, is ...

El Pobal Ironworks
Ferrería de El Pobal
48550 Muskiz, Spain

Navelgas | Spain

Although today gold is still being mined using ...

Asturian Gold Museum
MOA Museo del Oro de Asturias
Barrio San Nicolás
33873 Navelgas, Spain

Oiartzun | Spain

The mining galleries of Arditurri are one of ...

Arditurri Mine
Arditurri Bedea, 3
20180 Oiartzun, Spain

Ormaiztegi | Spain

The Mutiloa mining reserve extended its ...

Mutiloa Mines and Ormaiztegi’s Viaduct
Muxika Egurastokia
20212 Ormaiztegi, Spain

Pasai San Pedro | Spain

Albaola the Maritime Heritage Factory is a ...

Albaola the Maritime Heritage Factory
Ondartxo pasealekua 1
20110 Pasai San Pedro, Spain

Pasaia | Spain

MATER is the last big Basque wooden tuna ship. ...

'Mater' Tuna Boat Museum
Museo Mater
Arraunlari kalea z/g
20110 Pasaia, Spain

Portugalete | Spain

Portugalete is a municipality on the south–west ...

RIALIA: Museum of Industry
RIALIA: Museo de la Industria
Paseo de la Canilla
48920 Portugalete, Spain

Puerto de Sagunto | Spain

Puerto de Sagunto is one of the ...

Puerto de Sagunto
Address Horno Alto nº2: Avenida Altos Hornos 46520 Puerto de Sagunto
Contact: FCV Patrimonio Industrial Puerto Sagunto Avenida 9 de Octubre, nº7
46520 Puerto de Sagunto, Spain

San Esteban de Pravia | Spain

San Esteban de Pravia, an old fishing village, ...

San Esteban de Pravia Coal Port
Paseo del muelle
33130 San Esteban de Pravia, Spain

San Salvador | Spain

The museum remembers the social and regional ...

Ethnographic Museum of Quiros
Museo Ethnográfico de Quirós
Carretera General AS 229 - P.K. 8,4
33117 San Salvador, Spain

Santa Cruz de Mieres | Spain

Bustiello is one of the many mining villages in ...

Bustiello Mining Village Information Centre
Centro de Interpretación del Poblado Minero de Bustiello
33612 Santa Cruz de Mieres, Spain