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Moscow Region | Russia
This collection of tanks and other armoured vehicles was started during the Second World War. It had an operational purpose at first, to study captured enemy technology. From the 1970s, the collection was stored under cover. It was opened to public access in 1996. Today part of the Patriot theme ...

Museum of Armoured Vehicles
Центральный музей бронетанкового вооружения и техники
Odintsov district, Kubinka-1
143071 Moscow Region, Russia

Nizhny Tagil in the Ural Mountains close to Europe’s border with Asia, has a population of more than 360,000 and stands at the heart of an industrial region of major importance. Its first important works were established by members of the Demidov family from 1725, and more factories were re-located ...

Museum Reserve of the History of Technology & Ferrous Metallurgy
МКУК Нижнетагильский музей-заповедник «Горнозаводской Урал»
Lenina pr-ket 1b
622001 Nizhny Tagil, Russia

Pokrov is a small town east of Moscow in which the main industry is a chocolate factory, originally opened by the Stollwerck company, but taken over in 2001 by the American company Kraft Foods which established the Museum of Chocolate in 2004. The displays illustrate the role of chocolate in ...

Museum of Chocolate in Pokrov
Muzey Shokolada
Lenina Street 79
119019 Pokrov, Russia

The Seversk Blast Furnace at Polovskoy in the Urals was built in 1860, rebuilt in 1896, and worked until 1934. The site became a museum in the 1980s and is one of the best-preserved ironworks in Europe. Every significant structure of a typical nineteenth century ironworking complex remains, ...

Polevskoy Seversk Blast Furnace Museum
музейного комплекса «Северская домна»
7 Ulitsa Vershinina
623380 Polevskoy, Russia

The Open Air Museum of Railway Equipment at Rostov-on-Don opened in 2005. It is managed informally and appears to have neither website nor telephone. Access to the exhibits is unrestricted. Most of its vehicles come from the North Caucasus Railway. The collections includes seventeen steam ...

Museum of Railway Technology of the North Caucasus Railways
Музей железнодорожной техники СКЖД
Kazachiy Lane 44A
344033 Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Samara | Russia
Samara is the sixth largest city in Russia, and stands at the confluence of the Volga and Samara rivers. It has population of 1.25 million, and was called Kuybyshev between 1935 and 1991. Its factories played an important role in arming the defence forces of the USSR during the Second World War and ...

Cosmic Samara Space Museum
Samara Kosmicheskaya
21 Lenin Place
Samara, Russia

Solikamsk | Russia
Solikamsk on the Usolka River in the Urals has been celebrated for the production of salt since the discovery of large deposits early in the fifteenth century. It grew into a large city in the seventeenth century by taking advantage of its position on the Bubnov Road, the only route from Europe into ...

Museum of the History of Salt
МАУК «Музей истории соли»
Gazety Zvezda Street 2
618500 Solikamsk, Russia

The Popov museum in St Petersburg is the principal museum of communications in Russia and supervises similar institutions in other parts of the Russian Federation. It takes its name from the Russian physicist Alexander Stepanovich Popov (1859-1906), known principally for his work in radio ...

A S Popov Central Museum of Communications
Pochtamskiy Per 4
190000 St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg | Russia
The museum in St Petersburg is one of Europe’s most important maritime museums. It can trace its origins from 1709 when Peter the Great (1672-1725) began a collection of models. Perhaps the most celebrated item in the collection is the Botik, a scaled-down warship built for Peter the Great and used ...

Central Naval Museum
Центральный военно-морской музей имени императора Петра Великого
5, Truda Sq., 5
190000 St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg | Russia
The icebreaker Krasin, now preserved off the south bank of Vasilyevsky Island in St Petersburg has had one of the most eventful histories of any European seagoing vessel. She was built in 1916-17 by Vickers Armstrong at Newcastle-upon-Tyne to the design of the Russian Admiral Stpan O Makarov and was ...

Icebreaker Krasin
Ледокол «Красин»
22 Naberezhnaya Leitenanta Schmidta
199106 St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg | Russia
The Museum of Electric Transport on Vasilyevsky island in St Petersburg is located in a tram depot built in 1906-08. The museum was established in 1967. It is concerned principally with the history of tramways and trolley bus routes in St Petersburg, and now has a collection of 45 restored trams ...

Museum of Electric Transport
Sredny Prospekt 77
199106 St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg | Russia
The collection which now forms the basis of the Russian Railway Museum was begun in 1978, and in 2001 the museum opened in part of Varshavskiy Vokzal, the former Warsaw railway terminal which is now a now retailing and entertainment centre. The station, in the Renaissance style, was built in 1858-59 ...

Russian Railway Museum
Музей железных дорог России
Bibliotechny Pereulok 4/2,
190005 St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg | Russia
The Stepan Razin Brewery on the banks of the River Neva in St Petersburg dates from 1795 and is claimed to be oldest in Russia. A museum was set up in the brewery in 1995 to mark its bicentenary. The brewery was established  with the approval of Catherine the Great (1729-96) by a German, Abraham ...

St Petersburg Beer Museum
11, Ulitsa Stepana Razina
198264 St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg | Russia
The centrepiece of the museum run by St Petersburg’s water supply company is a former water tower on the Neva Embankment, designed by Ivan Merts and Ernest Shubersky and completed in 1860. The museum was designed by Eugeny Podgornov and was opened in 2003. The tower itself houses displays about the ...

The Universe of Water Museum Complex
Вселенная Воды
Shpalernay Ulitsa 56
St Petersburg, Russia

Talitsy | Russia
Narrow-gauge railways were popular in Russia to connect remote settlements and industrial sites – they were known as kukushka or ‘cuckoo’ trains. By the 1960s it is believed Russia had around 100,000 kilometres of narrow-gauge lines. However, they declined rapidly with the rise of road transport.  ...

Pereslavl Railway Museum
Переславского железнодорожного музея
Leshoznaya str. 1
152018 Talitsy, Russia

Tjosovo-Netylski | Russia
Peat was used as a fuel for generating electricity on a considerable scale in the USSR, as in several other European countries. One of the principal sources was in the Tesovo area, some 120 km south-east of St Petersburg and 600 km north-west of Moscow. The scale of the workings can be judged by the ...

Tesovo Narrow Gauge Railway Museum
116 Sovietskaya Street
Tjosovo-Netylski, Russia

Tula is a substantial city with about half a million inhabitants on the Upa river 193 km south of Moscow. Ironworking was established in the district by the Dutchman Andreas Winius (1605-62), whose son knew Czar Peter the Great (1672-1725) who founded a state-owned arms factory in Tula, and in 1724 ...

Tula State Museum of Weapons
Тульский государственный музей оружия
2 Ulitsa Octoyabr’skaya
300041 Tula, Russia

The first weapons factory in Zlatoust opened in 1815 to produce blade weaponry for the Russian army and navy. The city was created after an ironworks was built in 1754. It is still a centre of knife and sword production with about 60 cooperatives and workshops specializing in producing steel blade ...

Museum of the Zlatoust Arms Factory
Музей Златоустовской оружейной фабрики
International Square 3
456200 Zlatoust, Russia

Città di San Marino | San Marino
The Rimini to San Marino narrow-gauge electric railway opened in 1932. It connected the Italian rail network at Rimini to the mountain state of San Marino and was built by the Società Anonima delle Ferrovie e Tramvie Padane. The narrow gauge of 950mm made it easier to build the line through ...

Montale Gallery and Historical Train
Galleria Montale e Treno Storico Ferrovia Rimini-San Marino / Treno Bianco Azzurro
Piazzale Ex Stazione
47890 Città di San Marino, San Marino

The tiny republic of San Marino is an enclave surrounded by Italian territory around the three peaks of Mount Titano in the north-eastern Apennine Mountains. It has a population of around 30,000. Tourism comprises a significant part of its economy and it has a variety of museums, some belonging to ...

Museum of the Agriculture, Culture and Traditions of the Territory of the Republic of San Marino
Museo della Civiltà Contadina e delle tradizioni della Repubblica di San Marino
Strada di Montecchio 11
San Marino Citá, San Marino