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Pacos de Brandao | Portugal

Portugal’s first museum of the paper industry ...

Museum of the Papermaking Region of Santa Maria
Museu do Papel Terras de Santa Maria
Rua de Rio Maior 338
45-309 Pacos de Brandao, Portugal

Pêro Pinheiro | Portugal

The museum was created in 1968 and opened in ...

Air Museum
Museu do Ar
Granja do Marquês
2715-021 Pêro Pinheiro, Portugal

Portimao | Portugal

Portimao stands at the mouth of the River Arade ...

Portimao Municipal Museum
Museu Municipal de Portimao
Avenida Capitao
8500 Portimao, Portugal

Porto | Portugal

Oporto’s once extensive tramway system ...

Electric Tramway Museum
Museu do Carro Electrico
Alame da Basilio 51
4150-127 Porto, Portugal

Porto | Portugal

The outstanding monuments of the Industrial ...

Luiz I Bridge World Heritage Site| Dona Maria Pia Bridge
The Porto Bridges
Information: Tourist Office Rua Clube des Fenianos 25
4000-172 Porto, Portugal

Porto | Portugal

The historical importance of this museum ...

Museum of Transport & Communications
Museu dos Transportes e Cōmuniaçőes
Edificio da Alfâmdega R Nova da Alfâmdega 59
4050-386 Porto, Portugal

Porto | Portugal

Oporto is a city of many industries, but is ...

Solar Vinho do Porto
Rua de Entre-Quintas 220
Porto, Portugal

Sao Roque de Pico | Portugal

Pico is one of the central group of the Azores ...

Museum of the Whaling Industry
Museu da Industria Baleeira
Rua do Poco
9940 Sao Roque de Pico, Portugal

Seia | Portugal

The imaginative museum of bread at Seia has ...

Museum of Bread
Museo do Pao
Quinta Fonte do Marrao
Seia, Portugal

Seixal | Portugal

The maritime museum at Seixal keeps alive ...

Seixal Ecomuseum, Branch Maritime Museum
Avenida da República
2840 Seixal, Portugal

Seixal | Portugal

Ten tide mills formerly ground grain in the ...

Seixal Ecomuseum, Branch Tide Mill
Moinho de Maré de Corroios
Rua do Rouxinol
2840 Seixal, Portugal

Torre de Moncorvo | Portugal

Torre de Moncorvo, 150 km E of Oporto, was, ...

Iron Museum of the Moncorvo Region
Museu do ferro
Largo Dr Balbino Rego 7
5160 Torre de Moncorvo, Portugal

Tramagal | Portugal

Eduardo Duarte Ferreira (1856-1948) was an ...

Metalúrgica Duarte Ferreira Museum
Museu Metalúrgica Duarte Ferreira
R. Comendador, R. Eduardo Duarte Ferreira nº. 116
2205-697 Tramagal, Portugal

Vila Nova de Famalicão | Portugal

The town of Vila Nova de Famalicao stands in ...

Bacia do Ave Textile Industry Museum
Museu da Industria Textil
Rua Jose Casimiro da Silva Outeiro Calendario
4760 Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal

Bucharest | Romania

The Romanian Railway Museum is located next to ...

Romanian Railway Museum
Muzeul Cǎilor Ferate Române
Calea Grivitei 193B
010716 Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest | Romania

Romania’s technical museum was established in ...

Technical Museum Prof Ing D Leonida
Muzeul Tehnic Prof. Ing. Dimitrie Leonida
Str. Candiano Popescu 2
Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest | Romania

The study of peasant houses began in Romania ...

‘Dimitrie Gusti’ National Village Museum
Muzeul Naţional al Satului ‘Dimitrie Gusti’
Soseaua Kiseleff 28-30
011347 Bucharest, Romania

Cluj-Napoca | Romania

Cluj-Napoca, the principal city of ...

Transylvanian Ethnographic Museum
Muzeul Etnografical Transilvaniei
Str Memorandumului 21
400114 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Drobeta Turnu-Severin | Romania

The Iron Gates is the traditional name for the ...

Iron Gates Museum
Muzeul Regiuni “Portile de Fier”
Str Independentei 2
220160 Drobeta Turnu-Severin, Romania

Petroşani | Romania

The museum at Petrosani dates from 1961, but ...

Petroşani Mining Museum
Muzeul Mineritului
Str Nicolae Balcescu 2
332025 Petroşani, Romania