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European Themeroute | Xtra: Company Museums and Factory Tours

In this section you will find all the sites of our database, which are part of a company that is still active today, from the Fagus factory world heritage site in Alfeld on Leine (Germany) to the shoemuseum of Clarks in the small market town Street in Somerset, England. With this, ERIH is striking the ... more

Icon: Xtra: Company Museums and Factory ToursLiving Industry. Company Museums and Factory Tours

In this section you will find all the sites of our database, which are part of a company that is still active today, from the Fagus factory world heritage site in Alfeld on Leine (Germany) to the shoemuseum of Clarks in the small market town Street in Somerset, England.

With this, ERIH is striking the arches of abandoned industrial monuments to the manufacturing industry and shows that "industrial culture" does not only mean the past, but also encompasses the present and the future of industry.



ANFACO, the Spanish Association of Canned Fish and Seafood Manufacturers has its headquarters at the port of Vigo where it opened a museum in 2004. Its purpose is to develop awareness of seafood and to show the significance of the canning industry in Galicia. The museum has four main sections. The ...

Anfaco Museum of the Canning Industry
Museo Anfaco de la Industria Conservera
16 Estrada do Colexo Universitario
36310 Vigo, Spain

Zaragoza | Spain
The La Zaragozana brewery produces Ambar beer and was established in 1900. It now incorporates a museum. Visitors are greeted with an explanatory video before a tour of the working brewery, including the malt house. The museum, located in the brewery cellars includes an exhibition entitled ‘A ...

Ambar Beer Museum
El Museo de la Cerveza
Ramón Berenguer IV, nº1
50002 Zaragoza, Spain

Eskilstuna | Sweden
Metal-working and mechanical engineering in the Swedish city of Eskilstuna already had a lengthy history when, in 1832, Johan Theofren Munktell (1805-87) established the Eskilstuna Mekaniska Verkstad Aktiebolag (Eskilstuna mechanical workshops company) which is the oldest of the companies that are ...

Munktell Company Museum
633 43 Eskilstuna, Sweden

Göteborg | Sweden
The Volvo company was founded in Göteborg in 1927 by Assar Gabrielsson (1891-1962) and Gustaf Larson (1887-1968), and had its first factory in the Hisingen area of the city, where it produced its first car the OV4. Subsequently after numerous takeovers, Volvo has become a large global corporation ...

Volvo Museum
Arendal Skans
405 08 Göteborg, Sweden

Husqvarna | Sweden
Husqvarna, a small community 5 km south of the city of Jönkoping, has been an important centre for engineering since the seventeenth century. In 1620 King Gustavus Adolphus established several armaments manufactories, one of them at  Jönkoping, whose managers in 1689 opened a machine shop, ...

Husqvarna Factory Museum
Husqvarna Fabriksmuseum
Hakarpsvägen 1
56141 Husqvarna, Sweden

Iggesund | Sweden
Iggesund is a small town in Hudiksvall municipality in Gävleborg county, 126 km north of the city of Gävle where an ironworks, consisting of a blast furnace, two Walloon forges and a hammer shop, was established in 1685 by Isaac Breant. It remained a small enterprise until the 1870s when it was ...

Iggemans Iron Mill
Iggemans Bruksminnen
Malmvägen 15
82523 Iggesund, Sweden

Kosta | Sweden
The manufacture of glass in Sweden was encouraged by King Gustav Vasa (1496-1560) who had observed glass making during a visit to Italy. The industry flourished in the heavily forested province of Småland where 15 works are still operating. The Kosta Glasbruk (Kosta glassworks) was founded in 1742 ...

Orrefors Kosta Boda AB
Stora Vägen 96
36052 Kosta, Sweden

Malmö | Sweden
Emil Mazetti-Nissen, from Copenhagen, founded the Malmö Chokolad och Konfektfabriks Aktiebolag in 1888, and his company continues to do so in the same factory building in Sweden’s third largest city. The company is the only one in Sweden that still carries out the whole process of chocolate ...

Malmö Chocolate Factory
Malmö Chokladfabrik
Möllevångsgatan 363
214 20 Malmö, Sweden

Broc | Switzerland
At the Broc hydroelectricity plant, ‘Electrobroc’ is an interpretation centre to present the subject of electric power. The power station is an architecturally impressive building. It has been generating power since 1920 with four Francis turbines, which are fed from the Montsalvens dam in the hills ...

Route du Lac 1
1636 Broc, Switzerland

Brunnen (Gemeinde Ingenbohl) | Switzerland
Since the 17th century, cutlery has been produced in many places in Switzerland, such as Basel, Bern, Schaffhausen, Zug or Ibach, but also in the western parts of the country like in Delémont Vallorbe or Vevey. In 1890, when the Association of Swiss Master Cutlers was established, there still were ...

Victorinox Museum & Brand Store
Swiss Knife Valley, Visitor Center
Bahnhofstrasse 3
6440 Brunnen, Switzerland

Däniken | Switzerland
The Gösgen nuclear power plant offers guided tours through its exhibition and free three-hour plant tours. The exhibition explains the generation of electricity from nuclear energy in an entertaining way. The advantages and disadvantages of this type of power generation are also discussed. The focus ...

Gösgen Nuclear Power Plant
Kernkraftwerk Gösgen
4658 Däniken, Switzerland

Hergiswil | Switzerland
Hergiswil lies 10 km south of Lucerne between Mount Pilatus and the Vierwaldstattersee (Lake Lucerne). The glassworks in the village was established in 1818 by the brothers Siegwart. It suffered a threat of closure in 1975, but was saved largely through the efforts of the designer Roberto Niedereeer ...

Glasi Hergiswil
Seestrasse 12
6052 Hergiswil, Switzerland

Saint Imier | Switzerland
The Longines watch brand has been in St-Imier since it was founded by Auguste Agassiz in 1832. Production was by home-workers at first but a factory was built in 1867 and enlarged many times afterwards. In an early example of brand management, the name was trademarked in 1880 – ‘longines’ in the ...

Longines Museum
Musée Longines
Co.Francillon LTD, Rue des Noyettes
2610 Saint Imier, Switzerland

Schönenwerd | Switzerland
The Bally company is a global corporation which produces and markets luxury shoes and, since 1976, handbags and other leather accessories. It was founded in Switzerland in 1851 by Carl Franz Bally (1822-99) and passed to successive generations of his family. The company had 500 employees by 1860, ...

Bally Shoemuseum
Oltnerstrasse 6
Schönenwerd, Switzerland

Vevey | Switzerland
The Alimentarium, a Nestlé Foundation, is a museum established in 1985 in the former headquarters building of Nestle International in Vevey on the shore of Lake Geneva. For over 30 years already, the world's first-ever food-themed museum has been sharing a global and independent view of the many ...

Alimentarium, Food Museum
Alimentarium, Musee d’alimentation
Quay Perdonnet, CP 13
1800 Vevey, Switzerland

Zürich | Switzerland
The manufacture of clocks and watches is perhaps the most celebrated of Switzerland’s industries. One of the best-known manufacturers is Beyer Chronometrie whose founder was Matthäus Beyer who began to make clocks in the German town of Donaueschingen around 1800. In 1822 his grandson Stefan Beyer ...

Beyer Clock Museum
Uhrenmuseum Beyer
Bahnhofstrasse 31
8001 Zürich, Switzerland

The museum opened in 2002 in a former silk factory. It is the collection of the Tofaş company, which has manufactured cars in Bursa since 1971, collaborating with Fiat and other brands. The city is today an important centre for manufacturing cars and automotive parts. The inspiration for the museum ...

Tofaş Bursa Museum of Anatolian Cars
Tofaş Anadolu Arabaları Müzesi
Umurbey Mahallesi Kapıcı Caddesi No: 9/1
16360 Bursa, Turkey

Birmingham | United Kingdom
As the threat of European war increased in the 1930s the British government embarked in 1936 on a scheme to build ‘shadow factories’ for which government provided capital for existing companies to build new works, on condition that on the outbreak of hostilities they would be available for munitions ...

Jaguar Visitor Centre
Chester Road Castle Vale
B35 7RA Birmingham, United Kingdom

Bury St. Edmunds | United Kingdom
This is one of England´s oldest and largest traditional working breweries. Here, you can join one of the daily Brewery Tours to see the beers actually being made using natural ingredients and traditional brewing methods.A tour round the historic working brew house includes a wonderful view of the ...

Greene King Brewery
Greene King Westgate Brewery
IP33 1QT Bury St. Edmunds, United Kingdom

Bushmills | United Kingdom
Portrush is a resort on the coast of Co Antrim, with harbour installations of 1827-36 by John Rennie, and a spectacular railway station of 1892-3, designed by Berkely Deane, now used for other purposes, while trains call at modern, utilitarian platforms. The depot, a passenger station and some ...

Old Bushmills Distillery
The Distillery
2 Distillery Road
BT57 8XH Bushmills, United Kingdom