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Ennepetal | Germany

Experience forging technology up close at the ...

Krenzer Hammer
Peddenöde 3
58256 Ennepetal, Germany

Essen | Germany

Take a ride on the historical coaches of the ...

Hespertal Railway
Prinz-Friedrich-Platz 3
45257 Essen, Germany

Frankenberg | Germany

Michael Thonet's (1796-1871) lifetime ...

Thonet Museum
Michael-Thonet-Straße 1
35066 Frankenberg, Germany

Frankfurt am Main | Germany

In 1881, the German architect Hermann Eggert ...

Central Station
Am Hauptbahnhof 1
60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Frankfurt am Main | Germany

In 1928, IG Farben was the world's ...

Poelzig Building, former IG-Farbenhaus
Norbert-Wollheim-Platz 1
60323 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Fröndenberg/Ruhr | Germany

The production of chains determined the ...

Chainforge Museum
Kulturzentrum Ruhraue
Ruhrstrasse 12
58730 Fröndenberg, Germany

Großalmerode | Germany

The museum of Großalmerode, the „city of good ...

Museum of Glass and Ceramic
Kleiner Kirchrain 3
37247 Großalmerode, Germany

Großpösna | Germany

Central Germany has a long history of the ...

Am Westufer 2
04463 Großpösna, Germany

Halle | Germany

For many centuries Halle was one of the ...

Technical Museum of the Saltworks and Saltworkers
Mansfelder Strasse 52
06108 Halle, Germany

Hamburg | Germany

It is not far from Hamburg's city centre to the ...

Kaltehofe Elbe Island Water Art
Kaltehofe Hauptdeich 6-7
20539 Hamburg, Germany

Hanau | Germany

The Großauheim Museum has been housed in the ...

Großauheim Museum of Art and Industrial History
Pfortenwingert 4
63457 Hanau, Germany

Heringen (Werra) | Germany

The discovery of potassic salts in the valley ...

Werra Potash Mining Museum
Dickesstraße 1
36366 Heringen (Werra), Germany

Herten | Germany

The history of the Ewald colliery began in ...

Ewald Mine | Hoheward Landscape Park
Besucherzentrum Hoheward
Werner-Heisenberg-Straße 14
45699 Herten, Germany

Immenhausen | Germany

The Glass Museum in Immenhausen, established in ...

Am Bahnhof 3
34376 Immenhausen, Germany

Iserlohn | Germany

Haystacks is what the locals called them. And ...

Historic Factory Maste-Barendorf - Museum of Needles and Brass Casting
Baarstraße 220-226
58636 Iserlohn, Germany

Königs Wusterhausen | Germany

The windmill on the hill at Königs Wusterhausen ...

Funkerberg Radio Technology Museum
Sender- und Funktechnikmuseum
Funkerberg 20
15711 Königs Wusterhausen, Germany

Krefeld | Germany

Krefeld in North Rhine-Westphalia has a long ...

The House of Silk Culture
Luisenstraße 15
47799 Krefeld, Germany

Krefeld | Germany

The Uerdingen wastewater treatment plant was ...

Uerdingen Wastewater Treatment Plant
Rundweg 20-22
47829 Krefeld, Germany

Kressbronn am Bodensee | Germany

Bodan shipyard was the largest shipyard on Lake ...

Bodan Wharft
88079 Kressbronn am Bodensee, Germany

Leipzig | Germany

An historic printing works in Leipzig ...

Museum of the printing arts
Museum für Druckkunst
Nonnenstrasse 38
04229 Leipzig, Germany

Lüneburg | Germany

Lüneburg is an old hanseatic city at the edge ...

German Salt Museum
Sülfmeisterstrasse 1
21335 Lüneburg, Germany

Lütau | Germany

Welcome to the "Alte Salzstraße" (Old Salt ...

Draught Horse Transportation Museum
World of Heavy Horses Museum für die Arbeit mit Zugpferden
Alte Salzstraße 29
21483 Lütau, Germany

Lutherstadt Wittenberg | Germany

This housing estate is a real stroke of luck. ...

Piesteritz housing estate
Karl-Liebknecht-Platz 20
06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany

Magdeburg | Germany

If there is one feature which unites the ...

Magdeburg Technical Museum
Dodendorfer Straße 65
39112 Magdeburg, Germany

Magdeburg | Germany

The 10th October 2003 was a very special day ...

Water Crossroads / Rothensee Boat Lift
Am Schiffshebewerk
39106 Magdeburg, Germany

Mendig | Germany

The millstone district in the Eifel is an area ...

Eifel Millstone District
56743 Mendig, Germany

Merseburg | Germany

Chemistry is the basis of a modern affluent ...

German Chemistry Museum Merseburg
Rudolf-Bahro-Straße 11
06217 Merseburg, Germany

Oelsnitz/Erzgebirge | Germany

Coal in the area around Oelsnitz, 25 km ...

Oelsnitz Mining Museum
Pfockenstrasse 28
09376 Oelsnitz/Erzgebirge, Germany

Pforzheim | Germany

When margrave Karl Friedrich von Baden founded ...

SCHMUCKWELTEN | World of Jewellery Pforzheim
Westliche Karl-Friedrich-Straße 56
75172 Pforzheim, Germany

Pforzheim | Germany

The museum radiates an aura of vibrant ...

Technical Museum of Pforzheim’s Jewellery and Watchmaking Industries
Bleichstraße 81
75173 Pforzheim, Germany

Rüsselsheim | Germany

Adam Opel (1837-95) laid the foundation for ...

Municipal and Industrial Museum
Hauptmann Scheuermann Weg 4
65428 Rüsselsheim, Germany

Sangerhausen OT Wettelrode | Germany

Working underground was anything but a bed of ...

Röhrigshaft Mining Museum
06526 Sangerhausen, Germany