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European Themeroute Transport | Ships, Harbours, Rivers and Canals


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Berlin | Germany

Lifeworld Ship”, “From Ballooning to the Berlin ...

German Technical Museum
Trebbiner Strasse 9
10963 Berlin, Germany

Hamburg | Germany

The telephone, the light bulb, the camera – ...

Museum of Work
Wiesendamm 3
22305 Hamburg, Germany

Papenburg | Germany

A towering lobby of white and gold, glass-cased ...

Meyer Shipyard
Papenburg Tourismus GmbH
Ölmühlenweg 21
26871 Papenburg, Germany

Waltrop | Germany

The powerful steel framework offers a truly ...

Henrichenburg Shiplift LWL Industrial Museum
Am Hebewerk 2
45731 Waltrop, Germany

Dudley | United Kingdom

It could hardly be easier to step back in time. ...

Black Country Living Museum
Tipton Road
DY1 4SQ Dudley, United Kingdom

Swansea | United Kingdom

Computer screens with interactive film ...

National Waterfront Museum
Oystermouth Road
SA1 3RD Swansea, United Kingdom

Member Sites ERIH Association

Kressbronn am Bodensee | Germany

Bodan shipyard was the largest shipyard on Lake ...

Bodan Wharft
88079 Kressbronn am Bodensee, Germany

Magdeburg | Germany

The 10th October 2003 was a very special day ...

Water Crossroads / Rothensee Boat Lift
Am Schiffshebewerk
39106 Magdeburg, Germany

Zeitz | Germany

The "Weißelster" timber rafting system with its ...

The 'Elsterfloßgraben' Rafting Ditch
Am Herrmannschacht 11
06712 Zeitz, Germany

Bilbao | Spain

Bilbao Maritime Museum is located on the former ...

Bilbao Maritime Museum
Euskal Itsas Museoa
Muelle Ramón de la Sota 1
48013 Bilbao, Spain

Lekeitio | Spain

The centre of interpretation of the techniques ...

Santa Katalina Lighthouse Interpretation Centre
Faro de Santa Catalina
Avenida Santa Katalina, 65
48280 Lekeitio, Spain

Ormaiztegi | Spain

The Mutiloa mining reserve extended its ...

Mutiloa Mines and Ormaiztegi’s Viaduct
Muxika Egurastokia
20212 Ormaiztegi, Spain

Pasai San Pedro | Spain

Albaola the Maritime Heritage Factory is a ...

Albaola the Maritime Heritage Factory
Ondartxo pasealekua 1
20110 Pasai San Pedro, Spain

San Esteban de Pravia | Spain

San Esteban de Pravia, an old fishing village, ...

San Esteban de Pravia Coal Port
Paseo del muelle
33130 San Esteban de Pravia, Spain

Santurtzi | Spain

The Fisherman’s Guild has been traditionally ...

Museum of the Sea | 'Agurtza' Fishing Boat
Santurtzi Itsasoa Museoa
Puerto Pesquero 20
48980 Santurtzi, Spain

Dudley | United Kingdom

There’s no towpath for your horse, and no ...

Dudley Canal and Tunnel Trust
501 Birmingham New Road
DY1 4SB Dudley, United Kingdom


Grodno | Belarus

Grodno is a substantial city with a population ...

Augustowski Canal
Gorkogo Street 91A
Grodno, Belarus

Brussels | Belgium

The early 20th century inter-modal transport ...

Tour et Taxis
Avenue de Port 86c
1000 Brussels, Belgium

Dendermonde | Belgium

The city of Dendermonde where the River Dender ...

Baasrode Shipbuilding Museum
Scheepvaartmuseum Baasrode vzw
St Ursmarusstraat 137
9200 Dendermonde, Belgium

Le Roeulx | Belgium

The boat lift at Strepy-Thieu was planned as ...

The Strépy-Thieu Boat Lift
Ascenseur funiculaire de Strépy-Thieu
Rue Raymond Cordier 50
7070 Le Roeulx, Belgium