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European Themeroute | Xtra: UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Europe's industrial heritage is represented on the UNESCO World Heritage List by 47 sites. These are either individual sites (such as the Völklingen Ironworks in Völklingen/D), groups of sites (such as the 4 Major Mining Sites of Wallonia/B) or landscapes or towns influenced by industrialization ... more

Icon: Xtra: UNESCO World Heritage Sites Industrial heritage sites of outstanding universal value: European industrial properties on UNESCO's World Heritage List

Europe's industrial heritage is represented on the UNESCO World Heritage List by 47 sites. These are either

  • individual sites (such as the Völklingen Ironworks in Völklingen/D),
  • groups of sites (such as the 4 Major Mining Sites of Wallonia/B) or
  • landscapes or towns influenced by industrialization (such as Blaenavon Industrial Landscape in South Wales/GB, the Nord-Pas de Calais Mining Basin/F or the city of Ivrea/I, shaped by the Olivetti company) as well as
  • industrial monuments as part of World Heritage Sites (such as the silk weavers' quarter in the Historic Site of Lyon/F),

all of outstanding universal value, which is a requirement for inscription as a World Heritage Site.

Accordingly, in our list you will find individual sites, linear sites and industrial landscapes that have been inscribed on the World Heritage List. The "formal" names of the industrial properties on the World Heritage List can be found in our link list (see "Related Links"); at the bottom of the link list you can also find the industrial WHS outside Europe (16).


ERIH Anchor Points

Mürzzuschlag | Austria

From Vienna to Trieste in 13 hours and 4 ...

Südbahn Museum
Heizhausgasse 2
8680 Mürzzuschlag, Austria

Blegny | Belgium

Les Gueules Noires - the black faces: That’s ...

Blegny Mine World Heritage Site
Domaine Touristique de Blegny-Mine
Rue Lambert Marlet, 23
4670 Blegny, Belgium

Hornu | Belgium

A portico with three arches and a cobbled ...

Grand Hornu World Heritage Site
Rue Sainte-Louise 82
7301 Hornu, Belgium

Marcinelle | Belgium

Two silent pithead winding gears tower over the ...

Le Bois du Cazier World Heritage Site
Rue de Cazier 80
6001 Marcinelle, Belgium

Alfeld (Leine) | Germany

Why is it that a boot-last factory in rural ...

Fagus Factory World Heritage Site
Hannoversche Strasse 58
31061 Alfeld (Leine), Germany

Essen | Germany

Zollverein is the meeting place for past, ...

Zollverein Mine and Coking Plant World Heritage Site
Besucherzentrum Zollverein Zeche Zollverein Schacht XII Gebäude A 14 / Kohlenwäsche
Gelsenkirchener Str. 181
45309 Essen, Germany

Goslar | Germany

Narrow, crudely hewed out mining galleries: ...

World Heritage Site Rammelsberg - Museum and Visitors Mine
Bergtal 19
38640 Goslar, Germany

Völklingen | Germany

The Völklinger Hütte (ironworks) in Germany’s ...

World Heritage Site Voelklingen Iron Works
Europäisches Zentrum für Kunst und Industriekultur
Rathausstraße 75
66302 Völklingen, Germany

Lemmer | Netherlands

A celebration of technology – that's at the ...

Ir. D.F. Wouda Steam Pumping Station World Heritage Site
Ir. D.F. Woudagemaal
Gemaalweg 1
8531 PS Lemmer, Netherlands

Rjukan | Norway

Seldom are nature and technology located so ...

Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum World Heritage Site
Norsk Industriarbeidermuseum
3661 Rjukan, Norway

Tarnowskie Góry | Poland

The shine of the carbide lamps flit about the ...

Historic Silver Mine World Heritage Site
Zabytkowa Kopalnia Srebra
ul. Szczęść Boże 81
42-600 Tarnowskie Góry, Poland

Wieliczka | Poland

All of the sudden, a world of salt deep ...

Cracow Salt-Works Museum in Wieliczka World Heritage Site
Muzeum Żup Krakowskich Wieliczka
Daniłowicza 10
32-020 Wieliczka, Poland

Almadén | Spain

The "Sistine Chapel" of mining heritage lies 50 ...

Almadén Mining Park World Heritage Site
Parque Minero de Almadén
Cerco San Teodoro
13400 Almadén, Spain

Falun | Sweden

The contrast could not be greater, hamlets and ...

Falun Mine, World Heritage
Falu Gruva
Gruvgatan 44
791 61 Falun, Sweden

Grimeton | Sweden

In the age of the cell phone almost every place ...

World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station
Radiostationen 72
432 98 Grimeton, Sweden

Blaenavon | United Kingdom

A small town – with a huge effect. The South ...

Big Pit: National Coal Museum World Heritage Site
NP4 9XP Blaenavon, United Kingdom

Cromford | United Kingdom

The first modern factory in history was built ...

Cromford Mills World Heritage Site
Cromford Mill
DE4 3RQ Cromford, United Kingdom

Llanberis | United Kingdom

How do you steal a mountain? You knock it off. ...

National Slate Museum World Heritage Site
Padarn Country Park
LL55 4TY Llanberis, United Kingdom

Telford | United Kingdom

Length: 30.6 metres. Height: 16.75 metres. ...

Iron Bridge World Heritage Site
Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust Coach Road Coalbrookdale
TF8 7DQ Telford, United Kingdom

Member Sites ERIH Association

Capriate San Gervasio (BG) | Italy

Crespi d’Adda is a community where textiles ...

Crespi d’Adda World Heritage Site
Crespi D’Adda, patrimonio dell’Umanità UNESCO
Corso Manzoni 18
24042 Capriate San Gervasio, Italy

Getxo | Spain

Europe’s first transporter bridge, one where ...

Bizkaia Bridge World Heritage Site
Puente Bizkaia | Puente Colgante
48930 Getxo, Spain

Lanark | United Kingdom

A small village nestles in the heart of a ...

New Lanark World Heritage Site
New Lanark Mills
ML11 9DB Lanark, United Kingdom


Semmering | Austria

The 58 km section of railway through the ...

Semmering Railway World Heritage Site
Informationsstelle Semmeringbahn
Bahnhofplatz 1
2680 Semmering, Austria

Antwerp | Belgium

Christopher Plantin (?1520-89) moved to ...

Plantin-Moretus Museum World Heritage Site
Vrijdagmarkt 22
2000 Antwerp, Belgium

La Louvière (Houdeng-Aimeries) | Belgium

The entrance is a thick steel guillotine door, ...

Museum of Mining and Sustainable Development World Heritage Site
Musée de la Mine et du Développement Durable
Rue Saint-Patrice 2b
7110 La Louvière, Belgium

Thieu | Belgium

La Louviere lies at the centre of a region ...

Canal du Centre World Heritage Site
Ecluse No 1 rue des Peupliers 69
7058 Thieu, Belgium

Krupka | Czech Republic

The Krupka mining landscape is part of the ...

Starý Martin Visitor Mine
Štola Starý Martin
41741 Krupka, Czech Republic

Zatec | Czech Republic

Bohemia has been famous for centuries as the ...

Hop Museum
Chmelařské Muzeum
Námĕsti Prokopa Velkého
43801 Zatec, Czech Republic

Verla (Jaala) | Finland

The mechanical pulp mill at Verla was founded ...

Verla Mill Museum World Heritage Site
Verlan tehdasmuseo
Verlantie 295
47850 Verla, Finland

Arc-et-Senans | France

The saltworks at Arc-et-Senans is one of the ...

La Saline royale d’Arc-et-Senans World Heritage Site
Institut Claude-Nicolas Ledoux
Saline royale
F 25610 Arc-et-Senans, France

Bruay-la-Buissière | France

The Cité des Électriciens is one of the ...

La Cité des Électriciens
Rue Franklin
62700 Bruay-la-Buissière, France

Le Verdon-sur-Mer | France

Since 1611, France's longest-serving ...

Cordouan Lighthouse World Heritage Site
Phare de Cordouan
33123 Le Verdon-sur-Mer, France