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European Themeroute Production and Manufacturing | Food, Drink, Fishing, Agriculture, Tobacco

Ptick | Belarus

Ptick is a village 40 km from Minsk which was ...

Dudutki Museum Complex of Ancient Crafts and Technologies
222845 Ptick, Belarus

Bruges | Belgium

Belgian makers of chocolate have long been ...

Choco-Story Brugge
Wijnzalstraat 2 Sint-Jansplein
8000 Bruges, Belgium

Brussels | Belgium

The Gueuze museum provides an unusual ...

Le Musée Bruxellois de la Geuze
Rue Gheude/Straat 56
1070 Brussels, Belgium

Eupen | Belgium

Who can resist the sweet temptation of soft, ...

Chocolaterie Jacques
BCB-Division Jacques
Rue de L´Industrie 16
B-4700 Eupen, Belgium

Genk | Belgium

Bokrijk is an open air museum in the tradition ...

Bokrijk Open Air Museum
Domein Bokrijk
3600 Genk, Belgium

Hasselt | Belgium

Schnapps is not schnapps, corn liquor is not ...

Witte Nonnenstraat 19
3500 Hasselt, Belgium

Liége | Belgium

The Musée de la Vie Wallone (Walloon Folk ...

Walloon Folk Museum
Musée de la Vie Wallone
Cours des Mineurs
4020 Liége, Belgium

Ostend | Belgium

Industrial-scale fishing ports, with fleets of ...

Museum Ship Amandine
Vindictivelaan 35-Z
8400 Ostend, Belgium

Prague 7 | Czech Republic

The collections of the Czech National ...

National Agricultural Museum
Národni Zemĕdĕlské Muzeum
Kostelni 1300/44
17000 Prague, Czech Republic

Zatec | Czech Republic

Bohemia has been famous for centuries as the ...

Hop Museum
Chmelařské Muzeum
Námĕsti Prokopa Velkého
43801 Zatec, Czech Republic

Arhus C | Denmark

The Old Town in Arhus, the principal city of ...

The Old Town
Den Gamle By
Viborgvej 2
8000 Arhus, Denmark

Auning | Denmark

Auning is in east Jutland between Randers and ...

The Green Museum
Det Grønne Museum
Randersvej 4
8963 Auning, Denmark

Copenhagen | Denmark

Holmen is the name given to the row of islands ...

Holmen Naval Base
Copenhagen, Denmark

Holbæk | Denmark

The port of Holbæk lies on the north coast of ...

Co-operative Village Nyvang
Andelslandbyen Nyvang
Oldveyen 25
4300 Holbæk, Denmark

Odense | Denmark

Den Fynske Landby (The Funen Village) is a ...

The Funen Village
Den Fynske Landby
Sejerskovvej 20
5260 Odense, Denmark

Olgod | Denmark

The preserved creamery in the village of ...

Hjedding Meierimuseum
Mejerimuseet Hjedding Andelsmejeri
Hjeddingvej 2
6870 Olgod, Denmark

Vinderup | Denmark

Hjerl Hede is an open air museum of the Skansen ...

Hjerl Hede
Hjerlhedevej 14
7830 Vinderup, Denmark

Imavere | Estonia

The Estonian Dairy Museum was founded in 1976, ...

Estonian Dairy Museum
Eesti Piimandusmuuseum Imaveres
Hans Rebase tee 1
74021 Imavere, Estonia

Tartu | Estonia

Tartu is Estonian’s second largest city, the ...

Estonian Agricultural Museum
Eesti Põllumajandusmuuseum
Pargi 4
61714 Tartu, Estonia

Helsinki | Finland

Finland’s museum of technology, founded in 1969 ...

Museum of Technology
Tekniikan Museo
Viikintie 1
00560 Helsinki, Finland