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Niederwiesa/OT Braunsdorf | Germany

The textile mill at Niederwiesa, 12 km. east of ...

Braunsdorf Historic Weaving Mill
Historische Schauweberei Braunsdorf
Inselsteig 16
09577 Niederwiesa, Germany

Niesky | Germany

The rapid population growth of the 19th century ...

Konrad-Wachsmann-House Niesky
Goethestraße 2
02906 Niesky, Germany

Nordhausen | Germany

The IFA Museum celebrates the mechanical ...

IFA Museum
Montaniastraße 13
99734 Nordhausen, Germany

Nordhausen | Germany

Dora was a concentration camp on the north-west ...

Mittelbau-Dora (Concentration Camp Memorial)
Kohnsteinweg 20
99734 Nordhausen, Germany

Nordhorn | Germany

The municipal museum of Nordhorn is on three ...

Nordhorn Municipal Museum
Stadtmuseum Nordhorn
Nino-Allee 11
48529 Nordhorn, Germany

Nördlingen | Germany

The city of Nördlingen lies in northern Bavaria ...

Bavarian Railway Museum
Am Hohen Weg 6a
86720 Nördlingen, Germany

Nuremberg | Germany

Nuremberg 1835: When the first–ever steam ...

DB (German Railway) Museum
Lessingstraße 6
90443 Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg | Germany

The museum of industrial life is located in a ...

Museum of Industrial Life
Äußere Sulzbacher Straße 62
90317 Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg | Germany

The museum of communications in Nurnberg shares ...

Nuremberg Museum for Communication
Lessingstrasse 6
90443 Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg | Germany

Every year the world's largest toy fair takes ...

Toy Museum
Karlstraße 13-15
90403 Nuremberg, Germany

Oberhausen | Germany

Heavy industry is heavy labour – for man and ...

Altenberg Zinc Works LVR-Industrial Museum
Hansastraße 20
46049 Oberhausen, Germany

Oberhausen | Germany

The workers’ colony of Eisenheim in Oberhausen ...

Eisenheim Settlemant and Museum
Berliner Strasse 10a
46117 Oberhausen, Germany

Oberhausen | Germany

St Antony Ironworks was the first iron furnace ...

St Antony Ironworks LVR Industrial Museum
St. Antony-Hütte
Antoniestraße 32-34
46119 Oberhausen, Germany

Oberschleissheim | Germany

The aeronautical collections of the Deutsches ...

Deutsches Museum Flugwerft Schleissheim (Schleissheim Hangar)
Effnerstrasse 18
85764 Oberschleissheim, Germany

Oederan | Germany

The museum of Oederan, a small village 20 km ...

Museum Oederan 'The Weaving"
Markt 6
09569 Oederan, Germany

Oelsnitz/Vogtland | Germany

In 1880 Karl Wilhelm Koch and Fritz te Kock ...

Museum of Carpets in Voigtsberg Castle
Schlossstrasse 32
08606 Oelsnitz/Vogtland, Germany

Offenbach | Germany

The leather industry flourished in the town of ...

German Leather Museum
Frankfurter Strasse 86
63067 Offenbach, Germany

Ohrdruf | Germany

Ohrdruf is a small town in Thuringia about 30 ...

Tobias Hammer Technical Museum
Technisches Museum Tobiashammer
Suhler Strasse 34
9985 Ohrdruf, Germany

Olbernhau | Germany

Saigerhutte in Olbernhau, 32 km south-west of ...

Saigerhütte Museum
In der Hutte 10
09526 Olbernhau, Germany

Oldisleben | Germany

The technology for extracting sugar from beet ...

Oldisleben Sugar Factory
Esperstedter Strasse 9
66578 Oldisleben, Germany