Żnin District Railway

The open-air museum of the Żnin narrow-gauge railway has been operating since 1971. The railway was originally 80-km long, opened in 1894. Around 12km is still in operation. It transported goods to the inland port of Ostrowce and carried passengers. A 600-mm gauge was used owing to the difficult lakeside terrain. The museum is in beautiful countryside between lakes, half way from the village of Wenecja to the village of Biskupin. The collection consists of 17 steam locomotives. Among the oldest are those by Orenstein & Koppel of Berlin in 1900 and Henschel & Son of Kassel in 1918. A large part of the collection consists of steam locomotives from World War I. There are also two diesel locomotives, which were built around 1960 at Poznań, freight wagons and passenger cars. Visitors see the station waiting room, a water tower, a turntable, uniforms for the railway workers and other artefacts.

Żnin District Railway
Żnińska Kolej Powiatowa
88400 Żnin
+48 (0) 505 - 647850