'Zawada' Historic Water Supply Station

The Zawada waterworks at Karchowice in Upper Silesia has one of the most comprehensive collections in Europe of equipment used for the purification and distribution of drinking water. The works was established by the mining department of the Prussian government when Silesia was part of Germany. Drilling established that copious supplies of water of excellent quality could be extracted in the area. The deepest well, extending some 215 m. below the surface, was completed in 1882. The pumping station was built in 1895, and new pumps and other machinery were installed in 1927-29. The pumping station was opened as a museum after modernisation and the installation of electrically-driven pumps and compressors in 2001.

'Zawada' Historic Water Supply Station
Zabytkowa Stacja Wodociągowa Zawada
Bytomska 6
42-674 Karchowice
+48 (0) 32 - 2337834