Worker’s City in Saint-Fairgeau-Ponthierry

In 1918, the Leroy wallpaper factory moved from Paris to a new location around 40 km to the south at Saint-Fargeau Ponthierry. To house the 500 factory workers and their families, Maurice-Isidore Leroy, the owner and the town’s mayor, built around 150 identical terraced houses. Designed by industrial architect Paul Friesé, each house was made of sandstone and brick and had a garden so that the workers could grow vegetables. Larger, detached houses were built for the factory foremen. The accommodation attracted a skilled workforce and the company became a leading producer in the French wallpaper manufacturing industry. Visitors can explore the village for a glimpse into how factory workers lived. The factory itself closed in 1982, however its former power station, on the banks of the River Seine, now houses the ‘26 Colours’ cultural centre which includes displays about the industry.

Worker’s City in Saint-Fairgeau-Ponthierry
Cité Ouvrier de Saint-Fargeau-Ponthierry
Rue de Pavillons
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