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Birkenhead is the historic home of the first street tramway in Europe. It was here on August 29 1860 that Europe´s first tramway was established, running from Woodside to Birkenhead Park. This early system was horse-drawn and was the brainchild of flamboyant American, George Francis Train, the real life character upon whom Jules Verne based his fictitious character Phileas Fogg in "Around the World in 80 days".


The tramway was electrified in 1901 and continued to operate throughout the town until it´s eventual closure on 17 July 1937. By this time the petrol engine bus had taken over all routes. We are extremely lucky to have one of the fine examples of one of the double decker units, which inaugurated the first electric tram service in 1901. This vehicle, Birkenhead 20 is a fine example of an Edwardian tram.


Take the tramway from Woodside Visitor Centre to The Old Colonial pub at the Taylor Street terminus. Climb aboard one of the fleet of restored trams, including the open-topped 1901 Birkenhead tram 20, the 1920 Wallasey tram 78 or the 1931 Liverpool tram 762.

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