Winterthur Steam Centre

The steam centre aims to show how the power of the steam engine changed people’s lives in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and to convey their beauty and ingenuity. Steam engines were built in Wintherthur from 1871 by the Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works and exported to many parts of the world. The centre occupies part of the former engineering works – a perfect space for the subject, with a large space, skylights and gantry cranes. The collection was created over several years and came to Wintherthur in 2011. It is cared for by volunteers. It includes stationary engines, marine engines, railway locomotives, traction engines, turbines and models. Many are kept in working order and steamed for visitors to see. Almost all were made in Switzerland or worked in the country. There are also examples of machines powered by the engines, including pumps, drills, lathes and mills.

Winterthur Steam Centre
Lagerplatz 27
8400 Winterthur
+41 (0) 32 - 5117408